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  1. MerryBrown

    How Green are Electric Cars?

    From the New York Times:
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    Battery-operated hydrofoil water taxis
  3. MerryBrown

    Now an Electric Escape in the Wings

    I know this was mentioned in one of the other threads. I can't find it so I thought I would put this here: I am a little bit startled by the fact that they are promising those so soon, when we don't know if they have...
  4. MerryBrown

    Nikola promises electric semi prototypes
  5. MerryBrown

    Nikola Head Quits amid Fraud Claims
  6. MerryBrown

    NYT Article: Electric Car Age dawning sooner than expected

    New York Times article:
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    Idris Elba Mustang Mach E commercial How did I miss this?

    This is lovely, he is perfect for this commercial!