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  1. Res Nullius

    BMW cites Mach-E as a reason for cancelling EV SUV for US market

    Mach-E gets some props from BMW... Finicky American demand changes path for BMW's crossover EV BMW has iced plans to bring its first electric crossover to the U.S. for now. The BMW iX3 was scheduled to...
  2. Res Nullius

    Naked Mach-E shell / frame (body in white) and Iconic Silver Preproduction seen in Mexico factory

    The group view is a great sight to see considering all the negative automaker news this week! So the Cuautitlán Mexico plant is still operating? That's one advantage right now of having international plants for automakers.
  3. Res Nullius

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Good explanation about one pedal driving in the Mach-E from the CNET Roadshow ride along review: "There's a driver-selectable One Pedal setting that operates independently of whatever...
  4. Res Nullius

    CNET Roadshow: Mach-E Mustang AWD First Ride Review! (Winter Driving)

    Great read and video! Author sounds genuine impressed by the ride along experience. I liked this particular bit of info on chassis engineering: "We also suddenly got all of our best dynamics engineers on it." They definitely took the engineering seriously.
  5. Res Nullius

    Are you new to Ford/Mustang?

    This will be my first Ford and first American car since college. I'm curious about fellow members' perceptions of the traditional big 3 US companies - Ford, FCA, GM.... If the Mach-E wasn't a Ford product but was instead by FCA or GM, would you guys still be interested? Putting aside how...
  6. Res Nullius

    Roof glass and A/C

    Tesla includes a mesh cover for the Model X's extended windshield/roof. Maybe Ford will include such a thing too and if not, the aftermarket will take care of it.
  7. Res Nullius

    PRNDL on the prototype

    When I test drove the i3 its brake regen was way too strong for my taste. So strong that it felt like driving a golf cart. I'm glad the Mach-E will have ability to set the brake regen level as well as disabling it if the driver wants.
  8. Res Nullius

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    Discounting a post just because it's from Reddit is just plain silly or denial. Clearly those were well thought out and reasonable explanations for why Tesla may experiences parts shortages. Simply saying that Tesla's parts shortages is due to selling too many cars explains much less than that...
  9. Res Nullius

    Mach E effect on Ford stock price?

    And the new Bronco is expected to sell 200k units/yr. So the new Bronco and F-150 will certainly move Ford's stock price more than Mach-E sales. Good thing for Ford shareholders is that both of them will start production this year. Also good for shareholders it the fact that the Mach-E will be...
  10. Res Nullius

    Anyone else having trouble deciding? Mach-E GT?

    Agreed it's just much more aggressive looking IMO. You've seen the high end wheels already though right? One of the best OEM wheels I've seen in recent times. 🤤
  11. Res Nullius

    Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    Tesla's parts shortage issue is not due to sales volume, where did you read that? This post from reddit explains the reasons: No national distribution system. Most automakers have 10-25 warehouses across the USA with significant inventory in each. Tesla doesn't have that because they spent all...
  12. Res Nullius

    Thoughts on bargaining with dealers prior to official ordering process?

    This is exactly what I've begun doing too. I've got a verbal promise from my preferred local dealer to charge no ADM but in case that falls through I want to have a couple of backup dealers who won't charge ADM. That way I can just switch my order over without having to scramble.
  13. Res Nullius

    Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    Hadn't even thought about the energy draw that Sentry Mode requires if it has to be fully on all the time. So Sentry Mode is simply on all the time and doesn't have ability to only record when motion / object proximity is detected?
  14. Res Nullius

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    So it took about 100 days to hit approximately 40k reservations. At this rate the first year's production of 50k units may all be reserved within the next 1-1.5 months.
  15. Res Nullius

    Mach-E will have OTA Updates

    If an OTA update is a big enough performance upgrade, I don't mind seeing them charge for it. That's been Tesla's way as of late anyway so the market is prepared for it if Ford decides to do the same with Mach-E updates. I do think Tesla is starting to get greedy though... like $7k for FSD...
  16. Res Nullius

    EPA Range for Porsche Taycan is 201 Miles

    Seems EPA figures are indeed conservative. Those are impressive numbers from the Taycan Turbo S considering it runs 305 rear / 265 front tires!
  17. Res Nullius

    Unannounced GT Color Wishlist

    YES Bullitt Green would be amazing on the Mach-E. That would be my top choice.
  18. Res Nullius

    Mach-E crash test results - when does this become public knowledge?

    It's going to take some time. And here's why it often seems like there's a delay in crash ratings for new vehicles coming to market. NCAP (NHTSA) conducts its safety tests on a selection of the most popular and interesting models. In most cases, these are new cars that just entered the market...
  19. Res Nullius

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Agreed! In the spirit of election season, I added a poll above. Rock the vote! :D
  20. Res Nullius

    One Pedal driving Mach-E? Are you a fan?

    Any one-pedal driving fans here? Vote in the poll :) Has anyone read details about one-pedal driving the Mach-E? I hope Ford engineers have set it up so one-pedal driving is possible since that's a big draw to me when it comes to an EV. Porsche for example dialed out one-pedal driving...