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  1. Reviews?

    Alex should get the first one.
  2. Checking out alternatives

    The Q4 WILL be an alternative, and a very good one I believe, but for now it's still vapor.
  3. "Ford Options" payment option

    I seem to recall that some weeks ago you hinted of "new" things coming. Did you or someone else raise the possibility of a traditional lease? It could have been my imagination.
  4. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    I don't know the exact breakdown, but as the posts were coming in on various threads, I noticed that the 11/30 orders seemed to be fairly evenly split between Northern and Southern California.
  5. Checking out alternatives

    I have an ID.4 reservation just to keep option open, but if I pass on the Mach-e I'll most likely hold out for the Q3 e-tron. I've mostly owned VWs and Audis and much prefer the feel of European cars to American ones.
  6. Thoughts & pics from today's Mach-E Event 10-22-2020 @ San Leandro, CA!

    Yes, but I always buy the black iPhone,
  7. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    I don't, but I haven't checked with the dealer.
  8. Allocation Spot and Scheduled for Production?

    I haven't heard from dealer yet, but email from Ford says build week of 11/30. No VIN. It's for a Premium, reservation number 4462.
  9. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Email from Ford, build week of November 30. No VIN.
  10. 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge EV First Drive Review: Pure Electric P8wer

    Volvo opened up order conversion for the XC-40. Starts at $55,000. There aren't many options, only one interior. Adding premium sound, adaptive cruise control, heat pump would bring it to $58,800. With pricing moves of Ford and Tesla and where ID.4 landed, I'm a bit surprised that Volvo...
  11. GMC Hummer EV Reveal Happens at 8pm EDT tonight

    Engineering Explained first look: Hummer EV First Look! All The Details Of GMC's All-Electric Supertruck
  12. Ford Launches Mach-E U.S. Road Tour [Register Inside]

    Great idea. I've been wondering what to use the frunk for, now I have one. Thanks!

    OK, without a doubt the best two minutes we've seen yet!
  14. Ford Launches Mach-E U.S. Road Tour [Register Inside]

    Registration seems to be broken at the moment. Maybe call the dealer.
  15. Mach-E 4x (Star White / Gray Interior) sighted at Phoenix dealership, with a look at range figures

    This event has been a real gold mine of first-hand information. Thanks to everyone who was there for the great reporting!
  16. Mach-E Town Hall Sessions on Cybersecurity, Driving and Launch

    I'm a bit surprised by how reflective the screens appear to be. I was under the impression that they were to have treatment to mitigate that.
  17. The pressure of being tesla.

    And don't forget WhatsApp.
  18. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Bjorn Nyland has many good things to say about it as well.

    Apparently dealers now have "full sheet" color samples available if anybody wants to take a look that way. I think I'll just wait until the have the whole car.
  20. Mach-E acceleration video... someone's having fun!

    On Mac, download the file and run with Quicktime.