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  1. Chiefsfan

    Notes and Pictures from East Windsor, NJ Event

    Very informative post. I too am a little concerned that the interior quality is not in the 50k + price point. Seat adjustment is important. Although I would prefer the design language flow from the dash to the doors, it doesn’t on the ICE Mustang either. It would be nice to able to customize...
  2. Chiefsfan

    Checking out alternatives

    Nobody is mentioning the Audi Q4. Seems like an alternative. The Genesis JW is a possibility too.
  3. Chiefsfan

    Paint quality?

    Tesla’s have notoriously soft paint due to California restrictions (maybe). Will the Mach e have solvent based paint? Will it be robotically applied?
  4. Chiefsfan

    Mach-E Photos and Impressions from Somerville, NJ Event

    Thoughts on the infinite blue color?
  5. Chiefsfan

    SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    Is it a metallic or a solid?
  6. Chiefsfan

    Mach-E's spotted in transit on carrier

    From Instagram
  7. Chiefsfan

    Tesla vs Mach E

    As I ponder my first EV purchase and weigh the pros it consistently comes down to software vs hardware. Fords legacy car manufacturing experience should lead to a better constructed car with higher quality fit and finish. On the other hand, Tesla’s lead in software development is not be under...
  8. Chiefsfan

    Preparing for Mach-E charging at home - preparation and installing charger

    I thought 4 or 6 awg was sufficient
  9. Chiefsfan

    Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    Had the first generation SRX. Drove great. Reliability not so great.
  10. Chiefsfan

    First Real Image of Ford Connected Wall Charge Station

    What about the Juice Box?
  11. Chiefsfan

    Motor Trend 2021 Car issue

    Just received my October 2021 issue of Motor Trend. Under mainstream electricvehic it lists the Nissa Ariya and Polestar 2 but not The Mach E.
  12. Chiefsfan

    2021 Mach-E X-Plan Pricing Released

    Can you plug in zip 63017?
  13. Chiefsfan

    Mach e vs. I-Pace

    The service history is a bit concerning on the first one. Second is a lemon.
  14. Chiefsfan


    Is carbonized gray metallic
  15. Chiefsfan

    Dark Matter Gray Mach-E now available in reservation configurator

    Is carbonized gray not metallic?