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  1. Build our cars first!

    Our members are all Mach E evangelists, I think it would be in Ford's best interests to deliver our cars first because we will actively work to show the world what great cars they are!
  2. What is tinted clearcoat

    While I am eager to get my MME. I must admit that the standard colors are boring. The decent colors cost an additional $400-$600. These colors are described with additional adjectives loke tinted clearcoat and tri-coat. (Perhaps to justify the additional expense?) I was wondering if these...
  3. Contrasting analysis of self-driving technology

    I just came across the following two videos by the same guy on two different channels. The first (on a Tesla fanboy channel) argues that nobody can compete with Tesla's self-driving technology. The second, on a related market analysis channel, he argues that Mobileye, (the technology used in the...
  4. This video was just too cute.

  5. Information on real-world Mach E range

    I went to the road show event at Malouf on Wednesday and had an interesting conversation with one of the folks from Ford. He said that they had driven down from Albany, NY to Edison, NJ and had ninety miles of range left when they arrived. Assuming they started with a full battery that would...
  6. Mach E Tax Planning

    Given the nature of the$7,500 Federal tax credit, I wish there were some way that Ford could let us know if we should expect delivery of our cars in 2020 or 2021. I realize that asking for an exact date would be unrealistic but knowing the year would be helpful.
  7. My order has disappeared

    I just went onto the Ford site and signed onto my account to check the status of my order. When I click onto the "Reservations and Orders" button it just takes me to the site to order a new Mach E! Does this mean my order has been canceled?

    Why does the California Route 1 model exist?
  9. Questionable Tesla Assertions

    Tesla fanboys are indoctrinated in with the following false assumptions: Tesla’s: Vertical integration gives them a competitive advantage Makes its own batteries Co-located battery factory gives them a cost advantage Autonomous driving technology is in a league of its own Success is due to...
  10. Ford stock going up

    Has anybody noticed that Ford's stock price has gone up significantly over the last couple of days? Could it be the excitement over the Mach E?
  11. The Frunk drain is automatic

    I was just listening to this video presentation by Darran Palmer where he says the frunk "has an automatic drain in the bottom that will drain when it senses water." (around 25:35).
  12. New steering wheel controls

    Has anybody noticed that there are two new sets of controls on the Mach E steering wheel located just above the spokes?
  14. ITR EP 16 FORD Sync 4 Edition
  15. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    I'll start; More options: RWD/AWD, long range/standard range, select/premium/California Rt1/GT Dashboard display Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Real buttons where you need them Support from local dealers located everywhere $7,500 Federal tax credit
  16. Evasive Steering Assist

    Can someone please explain what Evasive Steering Assist does?