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  1. Autotrader First Look at the Mach-E (Infinite Blue)

    Looks like this was just posted...could that be Infinite Blue?
  2. Ford To Debut Mach-E At Beijing Auto Show This Weekend (9/26) Hopefully this means some new information will be making its debut as well...
  3. Sturgis Mustang Weekend

    On a road trip and decided to take a spin through Sturgis and apparently it’s Mustang weekend...I wonder if Mach-E owners would be welcome here...
  4. Mach-E Door Chime Sound Heard in Video

    Hello everyone! Been lurking for a while but made the leap today and signed up for the forum after I came across this video which I thought was interesting. Sounds like they captured the door chime at 0:43 and it sounds...unique. Had not heard it before so I thought I’d share...sorry if it’s...