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    This color makes me think of a cornflower blue with a grey tinted top coat. I wonder what paints Ford actually uses.
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    MME not eligible for Texas rebate

    Texas doesn't have a state income so there is no tax credit. Instead Texas is giving the funds out as rebate grants for purchases of BEV, PHEV, fuel cell, and natural gas (CNG or LPG) vehicles.
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    Ford Europe Meet The Experts

    This has lawyer written all over it. Designer: Why would I put a kid in the frunk? Lawyer: I don't know but someone will. Can't have that much space. We have to break it up or we will be sued for hundreds of millions. Designer: <<sigh>> Ok. Let me build a frunk divider. Lawyer: <<smile and...
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    MME not eligible for Texas rebate

    It should qualify once Ford publishes the EPA results. It is just getting the Mach E in time is the bigger problem.
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    First Look at a Mach-E Window Sticker

    Ok Thanks. I was thinking of K3R.
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    First Look at a Mach-E Window Sticker

    The VIN shows K3S which would be a First Edition but the package is 300A which I believe is the premium.
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    Global EV Markets

    I doubt any on this board thinks that we don't need to reduce our carbon emissions and that BEVs are part of the solution. However some of us do disagree on how to get there. I believe research on batteries, fuel cells and energy storage is a better route. That will drive the cost down faster...
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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Hmmm .... let's see .... power button ... adult with child like hands ..... empty car seat ..... Nope. Can't think of anyone.
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    don't stop trying ...
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    "What to Know Before You Go" Mach-E Brochure

    Does an app tell you it is done charging in case you are away from the car?
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    Fuel Cells for long haul trucking

    This is an interesting article on the number of companies that have turned their focus to fuel cells on long haul trucking. If the auto companies can get a couple of the truck stop companies involved like Love's, Petro, Flying J or TA Travel Centers, then deployment seems possible...
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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    The Ford Bronco 6 G forum is extremely active. It has multiple threads that have over 100 pages each. When Ford announced they were delaying the painted black modular hard top, they had to combine at least 7 threads and it hit 60 pages in the first hour. Doing the Bronco launch at the same...
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    telling my grandkids what 2020 was like

    Do those suits come with the Storm Trooper version? Sorry, the Star White build?
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    What other color?

    Bullitt Green
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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Agreed. If I get the FE in December then I get a $2,500 rebate from the state of Texas but if I get it in January then I get $0. A week here and there does make a difference. All of the paperwork for the Texas rebate has to be turned in by January 7th. So there is no claiming on your taxes...
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    Mach Drop Build Updates

    I heard back from my dealer "your order has not pulled and not been assigned a VIN yet." I did the Mach Drop through Uncrate the day they announced it. I was switching from a GT to FE in order to get it this year. If the FE is going to be much later, I may give it up and wait for the GT...
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    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Oh. Were they supposed to add the Mach Drop orders to the schedule? 🤔 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Why the Mustang is called a Pony?

    Agreed. Mustang horses are small and are usually called ponies. Most small horses are called ponies. The Shetland pony is an extreme example. If you get into draft horses like Clydesdales (Budweiser horses) no one calls them ponies. I had a friend who got a Percheron which is a huge huge...