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  1. First Look at a Mach-E Window Sticker

    Exactly. Building != Shipping. These units are all getting parked for now. Which should also make some of us with later build dates feel better. The guy with the October build date isn't getting his MME before the rest of us, unless he's being less than truthful about not being an executive.
  2. Why are the evs so Spartan inside?

    I think it's about the intended customer and what they want (or what the automaker assumes they want). EVs are still new and rare enough that buyers would be "early adopters" which would explain why it's meant to look futuristic and showcase the latest infotainment. I'll be REALLY interested to...
  3. Ford's tax credit availability

    I've often thought that was the plan behind Ford having a relatively unappealing and low volume EV (Focus BEV, with apologies to those of you who have one) for so long, but then announcing and launching 3 high really good EVs in high volume segments close to each other. If you time it right you...
  4. Thoughts and photos from Providence, RI Mach-E Tour Stop

    The same Y that claimed 316 miles before the "range increase?" Because that's 87% of advertised range. If the MME is really getting getting 265 against 270 that's 98%. Personally I want my range estimates to be realistic and reliable, rather than math the car does to make me feel good. Darren...
  5. Thoughts and photos from Providence, RI Mach-E Tour Stop

    You wouldn't extrapolate ICE mileage at only 600 miles, and these are pre production models being used for marketing purposes rather than regular driving. Even so, if "real world" range is 265 against an EPA rating of 270, that would actually be remarkably good compared to what we're seeing...
  6. Thoughts and photos from Providence, RI Mach-E Tour Stop

    That's a great idea. My Focus ST has a cargo cover for the hatch but it's solid. So when I need to take out, I have to find a place to store it. Making it collapsible will be a big improvement.
  7. Mach-E Photos and Impressions from Somerville, NJ Event

    Thanks! I'd read that the doors don't let you pinch your fingers but that really brings it to life and makes it convincing!
  8. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Scheduled for Dec 21. 10006856 Premium ER AWD Ann Arbor MI
  9. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Same here as well. Dec 21. I'm almost wondering if that's a placeholder since everyone else in thread (an admittedly small sample) is reporting the same? Or if that's reflective of OKTB rather v than an actual assembly date?
  10. Order Take Rate Stats From Mach-E Order Tracker

    I had neglected to add my order. So there's one more Shadow Black in the database as of today!
  11. Who on the forum will physically get the first delivered Mach-E?

    From your keyboard to Jim Farley's ears.
  12. Mach-E Town Hall Sessions on Cybersecurity, Driving and Launch

    Maybe, but I can't imagine that would need 3 whole cubic feet. You'll have a PCM or equivalent (power train control module) no matter what. I'd think that the secondary motor would just require a regular wiring harness to talk to it. And any additional high voltage cable from the battery to the...
  13. Mach-E Town Hall Sessions on Cybersecurity, Driving and Launch

    Hmmm. No idea what explains that discrepancy then. I wouldn't think AWD would affect the rear since all MME have a rear motor. And I agree with other posters that the battery case is supposed to be the same size regardless of what battery pack it contains.
  14. Mach-E Town Hall Sessions on Cybersecurity, Driving and Launch

    Is the frunk deeper without a front motor? I know the measurement is "behind the rear seat" or something, but I wonder if they can count frunk in that space since that stat is meant to convey the cargo space WITHOUT having to sacrifice any human seating space. I dunno what else would explain it.
  15. Mach-E Town Hall Sessions on Cybersecurity, Driving and Launch

    And note that according to others who have seen it live, those infrared lights are only visible on cameras. They are invisible in person.
  16. Why are you purchasing a Ford Mache?

    Mirroring a few others, I work for Ford and have wanted a BEV for some time. So has the wife for that matter, and her car is 3 years and 40k miles older than mine. So I had pretty much decided that we were going to order regardless of what Bill Ford and Idris Elba unveiled last November. I...
  17. Ford will be bankrupt in less than 4 years

    F150 BEV should be a really valuable data point for this comparison.
  18. Ford will be bankrupt in less than 4 years

    That's not completely fair on 2 counts. The F150 announcement you referred to was for the hybrid (which has already started production). The F150 BEV wasn't announced until much later. And the MME would be in customer's hands already if the pandemic hadn't happened.
  19. Ford will be bankrupt in less than 4 years

    It's funny because I remember a few years ago when they were all altruistic, talking about how they wanted all manufacturers to get into the EV game. Well, now their old wish is coming true, and they're showing their true colors. They're pretty much just Musk cultists at this point. I suspect...
  20. Checking out alternatives

    As does the GT in its base configuration.