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  1. RobertP

    Insufficient compensation for Dutch Lease Car drivers, missing 2020 delivery

    Polestar... isn't that the brand that isn't allowed in France because their logo looks too much like the DS logo?
  2. RobertP

    Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    My thoughts: I expect Ford to ship all the MME's they can to Europe to compensate the millions of fines they can expect when they don't meet the average fleet CO2-emmision rules of staying under 95,7 CO2 grams/kilometer. Since the problematic Kuga PHEV (Explorer in the USA) may not be counted as...
  3. RobertP

    Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    That problem could be off the table when pooling is also been done for pessenger cars, like they already do for light commercial vehicles,
  4. RobertP


    That's the carbonized grey we saw in The Netherlands during the dealer shows. The people are talking Dutch and there was no Iconic Silver during these days, just the Carbonized Grey. It also has the matt black bodyparts and the white stitching.
  5. RobertP

    Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    In Nothern America (most?) cars have a red button on the key fob. If you press it for some seconds, the car begins to make noise (either the car alarm sirene or the horn). Picture is not the Mach E Keyfob, it belongs to a Dodge.
  6. RobertP

    Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Only when I drive one of my friends cars or rented a car in the USA, I have seen a panic button on the keyfob. Never seen one in Europe, so it might be a regional thing
  7. RobertP

    Front trunk (frunk) organizer / divider / storage system shown in images

    The big Frunk mistery... gives us something the debate about while waiting for the car.
  8. RobertP

    Mach-E acceleration video... someone's having fun!

    It also works on Firefox for Mac. Didn;t choose the Polestar because of Google Auto and am not using Chrome because of Google being in charge of it ;-)
  9. RobertP

    Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    The difference in the surrounding grille... I actually like the RWD better than the AWD - more agressive. The headlights is a tough call. I know the three stripes is a Mustang signature, but the plain ones are also a little more aggresive and fit the car better. For the mirrors: black mirrors is...
  10. RobertP

    Mach-E's spotted in transit on carrier

    Must be our Iconic Silver on that truck... it's such a rare color
  11. RobertP

    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Finally a good shot of Iconic Silver! LOL
  12. RobertP

    Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 (says Autoline Daily)

    Stupid question: isn't this just part of the Technology Pack? In the Dutch pricelist it states under the TP: Active Drive Assist with Lane Centering Asist, Stop&Go and Handsfree mode (if allowed in the EU).
  13. RobertP

    When: Embargos lifted/realworld reviews?

    VW ID4, Skoda Enyaq, Polestar2, Tesla Model Y... all these cars are already being reviewed, tested and being delivered in 2020 (in the Netherlands, so having better tax-refunds for the coming 5 years). Looks like the MME is not ready for a review yet, too many issues? Makes me worry a bit.
  14. RobertP


    Again a video where the white-balance is totally off, so you can;t tell the real color. Bad camera-work and editing, unfortunately. He's standing in the shade en he has the camera setting on sunlight (or auto-setting and the camera picks up the sunny part to adjust). Results are a way too...
  15. RobertP


    I tend to agree. It took me a while, but the high gloss black plastic makes the car look cheaper in a way. When put next to eachother the glossy black will win, but when spotted solely the matt grey matches the car better in most colors.
  16. RobertP

    Mach-E 0-60 MPH Times Updated on Ford Site

    In the Dutch car configurator the 0-100 km/u is now less than 6 seconds for an extended rwd. (0-100km/h equals 0-62,13mph). That converts to less than 5.8 second for 0-60mph for the extended RWD. Maybe they made a typo... the Torque is also not measured in Mn (Nm)
  17. RobertP

    Mach E headlights

    Our Mercedes Benz C-class also has the (optional) adaptive led matrix headlights. We almost always leave the lights on high-beam. It's amazing to see the the lights dim in front of a coming vehilce but still have high beam on the sides of the road. It also dims towards pedestrians and cyclists...
  18. RobertP

    Photos from Ford Go Electric Event & Ride Along in Rotterdam

    Lights on the side of a car are not allowed in the EU. So called 'retroreflectors' are allowed but not mandatory. So, these are reflectors and they have to be amber on the front-side. On the back side they're also allowed to be red. The Volvo S40 and V40 from over two decades ago had running...
  19. RobertP

    Photos from Ford Go Electric Event & Ride Along in Rotterdam

    I don't agree the C350e is bigger. The C350 has a very low trunk and certainly when you put the floor 2 inches down in the MME (even the Ford guy didn't know that was possible), the MME trunk is absolutely bigger. I was very dissapointed by the Carbonized Grey, it's not the most exciting color...
  20. RobertP

    Ford Go Electric events in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain

    I can't find a possibility to reserve a spot... do you have a special relation within the organisation?