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  1. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    The build date of my car has been changed from 12/21/2020 to 12/13/2020.:)
  2. Cargo Capacity - What is the REAL number?

    There are some differences in the cargo space depending on which battery is installed: Standard battery: CargoSpace(BehindRearSeat):29.7 cu.ftft./822 liters, CargoSpace(BehindFiirstRow):59.7cu.ftft./1689liters Front Trunk: 4.7 cu. ftft./1139.5 liters Extened batterry : Cargo Space (Behind Rear...
  3. Am I missing something BIG by not ordering AWD?

    -I live in the SF Bay Area, and I am getting a rear-wheel-drive Mach-E. The car is already fast, and if I go skiing, I'm usually with friends with four-wheel-drive. I'm saving some money and getting a longer range.
  4. Meet The Experts | Mustang Mach-E | Ford EU

    Ford EU— Meet The Experts I hadn't seen this upcoming YouTube meeting posted, so I thought I would pass the information along. ====================== Watching on 27th October? From 19:00CET, the Mustang Mach-E Experts will be on hand to answer your questions on social media channels around...
  5. Thoughts and photos from Providence, RI Mach-E Tour Stop

    If you look at the driving score, it seems like it wasn't driven very efficiently.
  6. Paint quality?

    Ford uses water-borne paints instead of solvent paints. How Stuff Works — How Low-VOC Paint Works Motrolix — 2015 Ford Mustang’s 3-Wet Paint Process Explained
  7. Premium Mach-E Scheduled

    I am in California and reserved during the reveal, and I have been given a build date of December 21, too, so it doesn't appear that California has been given priority.
  8. Todays Events 10-20-2020: Red Bank, NJ and Redwood City, CA!

    That’s a possibility. I hadn’t thought of that.
  9. Todays Events 10-20-2020: Red Bank, NJ and Redwood City, CA!

    I saw the Mach-E at Towne Ford in Redwood City, CA, today. They had Star White and Infinite Blue Mach-Es on display. I have only owned sedans, so I'm probably not the best at judging an SUV entry height. I found it easy to get in and out of the car. The entry height is taller than was I am...
  10. Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 (says Autoline Daily)

    They said that the information came from Ford.
  11. Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 (says Autoline Daily) Has anyone listened to this podcast? At 9:40 into the podcast, Autoline Daily reports that hands-free Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 and be available three to four months after the Mach-E sales begin. Sales...
  12. Confirm by August 31st so your Mustang Mach‍-‍E can be prioritized for production

    I received a similar email today from Ford. When I converted the reservation to an order on 06/27/2020, the order number was the same as my reservation number 100075xx. Today I received an email from Ford, and my order ID changed to 38xx.
  13. Cargo Space

    Does anyone know what the correct cargo specifications are for the Mach E are? In the Ford Mustang Mach E Training brochure it states: “There is 29.7 cu. ft. of cargo space* with the rear seats up, and 59.7 cu. ft. of space* with the seats folded.” In the footnote, it says, “*… 26.6 cu. ft...
  14. Key fob frunk access

    Another way to open the frunk would be to use the keypad on the door pillar to open the frunk. You wouldn't need to fiddle with your phone or carry the key fob.
  15. Temp Color Options : Rubberized Paint or Wrap?

    Here is an interesting video on both of these products:
  16. Nice view of the Mach-E GT interior

    When I saw the GT at the dealership it had different seats. Things may have changed since this was only a preproduction model.
  17. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    Towne Ford - Redwood City, CA (accepts X-plan and no ADM)