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  1. A new low. Cold weather round trip, 1.55 mi/kWh, Range of 138 Miles, Premium ER AWD.

    My buddy just drove to Vail from Chicago this weekend in his 2021 MOdel 3 LR. He saw a reduced range right around 30%. It wasn't even that cold for the trip. 25%+ reduced range seems to be pretty normal for EVs in the winter. I haven't read or heard otherwise.
  2. A bug leaves your car unlocked

    This is normal operation. Not sure why this thread exists.
  3. Would you trade your frunk for a heat pump?

    Exactly why having both the heat pump and electric heater is ideal. You get reliability of the electric heater plus efficiency of the heat pump in moderate temps. Tesla took a big risk removing the electric heater and only having a heat pumps. Losing heat in extreme temps like some of these...
  4. Upcoming Mach-E Livestream: 1/19 @ 9PM EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds

    first question has to be about the GTPE 5second limit. they better be prepared for that one
  5. Mache mileage variation after each charge

    Completely normal. So many factors go into the GOM estimate. Short trips in the cold will decimate its range estimates.
  6. Would you trade your frunk for a heat pump?

    They work to much lower temps than 32F in cars. Read about Tesla heat pumps. They are not comparable to home heat pumps systems. Stop making that comparison. Its flat out wrong.
  7. Would you trade your frunk for a heat pump?

    Good thing a Mach-e is a lot smaller than a house
  8. Horrible mileage GT

    drive slower
  9. Would you trade your frunk for a heat pump?

    This is simply not accurate when it comes to the heat pumps installed in cars these days. Actually far from accurate.
  10. Extended Range Battery Issues?

    correct but to a much lesser extreme.
  11. Extended Range Battery Issues?

    Short trips like my wife's commute really make the GOM pessimistic. She has a 5mi commute each way. Different departure time every day so preconditioning isn't an option. Our GTPE GOM reads 158mi at 90%. The car spends so much energy warming the cabin and battery to go just 5mi. Because of...
  12. ⚡️ 2022 F-150 Lightning EV pricing revealed, production doubled to 150K/yr, ordering begins 1/6/22

    IDK if you have seen any of the news regarding BBB but that bill is pretty much dead and will never pass in current form.
  13. Decision Tme - Model 3 Long Range vs MME CR1 AWD Ext Range -

    Mine does the same think. keeps going to profile 2 which is my wife's.
  14. Mike Levine on ADM

    Cingular bought ATT and then renamed itself back to ATT later on. they Had an exclusive deal with apple for a few years
  15. Mike Levine on ADM

    originally you did have to buy an iPhone thru AT&T in the US
  16. Mike Levine on ADM

    Adding trash FSD for 10k to all their used car prices is very customer focused. Also marking up their cars massively of over the last year is also very customer focused. The Model Y long range all have a 9k ADM from early 2021. Model S 15k etc. I love Tesla and plan to own a Model S one day...
  17. Test drove a Mach-E GT Performance, dealer told me MachE are backordered 12-18 months? (Cross shopped MYP vs Mach-E)

    hopefully your rear motor doesnt fail. There has been a ton of reports of that on Model Ys recently.
  18. Anybody have a solution to get rid of the max 5sec power cut off

    That car has 7 electric motors
  19. Fed up, scheduled test drive of Ionic 5

    a lot of dealer in ZEV states won't sell to out of state buyers as well. We were originally looking at a Santa Fe PHEV but each dealer I called with a reasonable asking price would not sell to out of state buyers.