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  1. Financing / Refinancing your Mach-E

    To be fair, Clean Energy requires autopay or there is a 2% rate increase, but they don't require and transaction minimum.
  2. Financing / Refinancing your Mach-E

    They allow you to make a lump sum payment with your tax credit and then re-amortize the loan which would drop your payment. Some people may like that option. Their rates are a bit higher than PenFed, but you need to have absolutely exceptional (800+) credit at an attractive LTV (80% or less)...
  3. Financing / Refinancing your Mach-E

    Looks like low 2’s
  4. Financing / Refinancing your Mach-E

    Hi all! I have been looking into options for financing or refinancing my Mach-E when it comes in and I came across a Credit Union that’s only purpose is to support clean energy. Their name is Clean Energy Credit Union. One of the benefits of financing with them is they only finance...
  5. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    The $750 is different than price protection. Price protection will be an adjustment to your sale price which in effect lowers the amount of tax you will pay on the vehicle. The $750 is what Ford refers to as a “PCO”, which simply stands for Private Cash Offer. This is a rebate and will be...
  6. 1/31 Build Week gang

    This is the longest month EVER!
  7. Ford Options Deal Structure Estimate

    The dealer has to select the "options" transaction type in VINCENT to see the options programs. Tell the dealer this is in the same spot that they select from Retail or Lease on the customer information screen. Once of the choices for the Mach-E will be "options'
  8. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    Correct. I would hope most dealers would be upfront and transparent with this process. My fear is that dealers will deny the customer the lower price and use this process to increase their profit by the amount of the price increase. Just know if it happens, that is the dealer doing it and not...
  9. Ford Options Deal Structure Estimate

    I will most likely just stick with the options plan. The difference between 1.99 and 2.49 over 36 or 48 months isn’t worth the hassle in my mind. Plus FMCC has excellent customer service and sometimes offers loyalty incentives on future purchases. Sometimes on high demand vehicles, dealers...
  10. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    The source on Blue Oval Forums is a Ford Contact. He cannot release his name or position, because most of the information he posts is proprietary and could lead to big time issues if his identity is known.
  11. 2 Mach E Select available.

    Ron Lewis Ford in Beaver Falls, PA has 2 Mach -E selects available for immediate delivery at MSRP. Call and ask for Scott Nail, tell him Nick sent you.
  12. No Mach-E Production Scheduling This Week (01/10/2022)

    " Dealers have just completed the new wholesale allocation agreements which is why so many vehicle lines show no scheduling for the week of January 10th. Dealers will be configuring vehicle orders in compliance with the completed wholesale allocation agreements. "
  13. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    Read below, this should settle it once and for all. This is from a trustworthy source at Blue Oval Forums. PRICE PROTECTION 2022 model units invoiced prior to December 8, 2021 will not be re-invoiced. Automatic price protection will be provided on: • Firm 2022-model fleet, retail, and...
  14. Going to work in Mexico 😅

    The charging network in Mexico would necessitate a trailer and an ICE vehicle
  15. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    I would like to know asap. Mainly because I have an ID.4 on order that will be here shortly before my Mach-E gets It is a 10 now, I have a build date
  16. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    I have the same thing. Hoping Ford sticks to this price.