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  1. What does your battery say when fully charged?

    Search is helpful. Daily someone is coming in and complaining about their range. To keep the clutter down they were simply linking to other threads. No need to get defensive.
  2. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    Got the call; was delivered to the dealer this morning! Picking up tomorrow or Wednesday!
  3. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    Might be taking delivery soon; was picked up yesterday by truck with an eta of 1/17 to my dealer.
  4. Why is the standard MME less powerful than the extended range MME ?

    It’s a matter of current. The larger battery can provide more current at the same voltage; thus more power.
  5. Talk me out of the Space Grey interior

    Appreciate the picture with the white sheet. It’s so hard to judge pictures online for color when there is no way of knowing how the picture may have been color corrected/shot. So glad I have the lighter interior coming. Looks similar to the Toyota Highlander I have just a few shades lighter...
  6. NEMA 14-50 Home Challenges

    Your ground connection is woefully undersized. Code is the ground can be one step down in gauge. It looks like your ground is 12 gauge; that should be 8awg. I doubt this is your issue though. How old is your outlet? Has it seen repeated plug insertion/removal over its life?
  7. Talk me out of the Space Grey interior

    Haven’t seen it in person; but the one I have coming in a few days is the gray interior. One of the only reasons I waited for my order rather than buying one on the lot; seems like everything is always black interiors. It couldn’t be hot pink for all I care; Black interiors make me feel like...
  8. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    Nope; don’t think so. Still waiting on mine. Been waiting for a truck to pick it up for the last week for the final leg to the dealer.
  9. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    You and others that I have seen waiting so long is what is keeping my grump level low. Hoping your 12v battery is ok waiting that long in the cold New England weather!!!
  10. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I’d say I’m 5% grumpy 95% excited; not waiting nearly as long as some of you. Hopefully that’s grumpy enough to post here. Been tracking the car from Mexico to Delaware. It now has been sitting for a week; a less than 3 hour drive from my home….. just need that last final push of a truck to...
  11. No Mach-E Production Scheduling This Week (01/10/2022)

    This is scheduling; not production. Mach Es are still being built this week; they just aren’t scheduling more weeks in the future right now.
  12. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    Probably on the train passing through. Until the palsapp status changes it probably has not made it off the train in KC.
  13. What Would You Do If Stuck?

    Part re-use to save cost, known reliable designs etc. No more complex than an ICE system except rather than coolant passing through a block it passes through a HVDC heater.
  14. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    My delivery just updated from 2/4 to 1/15. Hopefully by weeks end!
  15. What Would You Do If Stuck?

    Yeah, that’s 7kw at 240VAC not 400VDC. Also that’s a coil in air; not a coil in coolant. Very different designs. At 400VDC 7kw is 17.5 amps; basically a 22 ohm resistor equivalent.
  16. Transit time KC to CT

    This is almost worse than when it was riding the train with an indeterminate timeline. Now that it’s so close and could show up anytime between 3 hours from now and whenever is driving me mad.
  17. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    That means it hasn’t gotten to KC; that’s the final pending leg showing. Mine changed from the pending status of my final leg to the KC delivery when that delivery was complete.
  18. Transit time KC to CT

    Southwest Connecticut; It got to this point quick from Mexico. Left on the 23rd of Dec. Although; with my usual luck it will sit in Wilmington for 2 weeks.
  19. Transit time KC to CT

    Looks like I might not be on the same train…. Mine just woke up in Wilmington. Getting excited; hopefully a week or less at this point.
  20. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    Just woke up in Wilmington….. getting excited