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  1. Kevmont

    Got new racing stripes w/pinstripes! Carbonized Gray.

    I’m thinking the same thing, please post pics when you do it?
  2. Kevmont

    My car is extremely active

    Reminds me of my hyperactive nephew!
  3. Kevmont


    Got it installed - Very happy with how it looks - matches the rest of the black trim as if it was factory!
  4. Kevmont

    Winter Bay Area Meet-Up

    Blackhawk Plaza would be great!
  5. Kevmont

    Winter Bay Area Meet-Up

    Sorry, I have to work the 22nd, Hopefully the group will get together again later, and possibly in the East Bay? Have fun!!
  6. Kevmont

    Winter Bay Area Meet-Up

    I was too late to vote before the poll was closed but I’d love to meet y’all on the 15th if that’s still an option. If it’s Santana Row then After 9:00am would be best. Thanks!
  7. Kevmont

    Spoiler Alert! AOSK Mustang Mach-E Performance Spoiler

    Looks great! My MME-X is the same color as yours, but Santa says I have to wait until Christmas to install my spoiler. I'm happy to see how nice it will look!
  8. Kevmont


    just asked Santa for one in gloss black today (It was already in my Amazon Shopping Cart:cool:) - She said go ahead - Thanks Santa!!
  9. Kevmont

    My Mach-E Custom Rear Spoiler ....Xmas came Early

    I would definitely buy one of these! Please let me know how.
  10. Kevmont

    Expensive Repair for Minor Part

    I went out to the garage yesterday morning and noticed that the black plastic trim under the rear quarter window was missing. I went to my local Ford store to see about getting a new part and was told it would cost $882, as the part was included with the actual window! Of course, it's covered...
  11. Kevmont

    Ford Pass 3.26 Keeps Crashing

    Thanks Mark, yes I did the full reboot, (iPhone XR, IOS 14.6) so far to no avail. Since I can get by fine without Ford Pass I think I'll just let it ride until the app either starts running again or gets an update
  12. Kevmont

    Ford Pass 3.26 Keeps Crashing

    After 3-1/2 Months of nearly trouble-free use of Ford Pass to monitor SOC & Charging times we just took our first road trip from the Bay Area up to Lake Tahoe. Once we arrived at our hotel where they had Valet parking the car no longer communicated to the Ford Pass App. I thought it was because...
  13. Kevmont

    Have you ever owned a Mustang

    It was just a super fun car to drive! Also got lots of appreciative looks, and never had a single problem with it.
  14. Kevmont

    Have you ever owned a Mustang

    2007 Mustang GT Convertible, my Favorite car of all time!
  15. Kevmont

    How many Fords have you owned?

    I've been a fan of Ford for many years - Most as good as or better than the 3 Mercedes-Benz I've owned in the same time period. '74 Pinto Hatchback, V6/Auto, Brown / Gold - Many issues, bought used (Somebody else's lemon) '88 Escort Coupe, Base Model, Silver / Grey, 4spd Manual, 196,000...
  16. Kevmont

    Need you help, advice and opinion, please.

    Sounds like a perfectly sensible plan to me!