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  1. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    My dealership's managers here in Lincoln, Nebraska were very good. The sales reps, eh, not so much. After this thread was created I went into my local dealership in person. I asked what the deal was, and the rep was clueless but was going to get a particular sales manager involved on the...
  2. Got new racing stripes w/pinstripes! Carbonized Gray.

    I think I am going to risk going to the company here in town that doesn't have the fancy certs that the main company does... They have been open about 5 years longer though. I got quoted about $1,000 dollars less total. . . I just have to find a color.
  3. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I was able to get my original price honored after being told I couldn't by my shit sales advisor when I spoke to the manager when I showed up in person with the intent to cancel.
  4. Got new racing stripes w/pinstripes! Carbonized Gray.

    How much did racing stripes cost you? A local place wants nearly 1800 dollars to put that on top of a wrap they will already be doing.
  5. Aftermarket Pedals

    Can you take a pic?
  6. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    So my breakdown is: Premium AWD -51,800 Protection Package - 240 Destination and Delivery - 1,100 Can you tell me if I got the 2k added on?
  7. Great e-heat tip from YouTube (Nick Amstrong)

    I thought this was pretty common knowledge. I was under the impression that this is how normal vehicles have operated.
  8. Clips on the Glass Roof Sunshade

    So one side it touching the glass?
  9. Ford Options Deal Structure Estimate

    I am in the military. I have never taken advantage of any financial perks outside of the VA before. Anything I should know that would help me with buying a car from Ford or finacing through them? They said the were competitive with every bank but I don't know if I should trust that.
  10. Someone was in my Mach-E today

    Pro gun, non pro gun has nothing to do with taking a gun into a church. That is the illegal part. Try to keep up, RWNJ.
  11. Someone was in my Mach-E today

    This is actually illegal in some states even if you have a CC.
  12. Mach-E chosen over Model 3 for NYPD Law Enforcement Use

    Great... This is only going to delay me getting my Mach-E.
  13. Anybody have a solution to get rid of the max 5sec power cut off

    Does the Premium AWD suffer from this issue?
  14. Hello from Omaha Nebraska

    Oh, there are other Huskers here! 👍
  15. Order made

    Don't even have a production date, but I am buying stuff already!
  16. Wind Fixer Mod Thing...

    I haven't received mine yet. RIP. Are those tubes clear?
  17. Wind Fixer Mod Thing...

    Well, this is cheaper. Can you take a few pics of how yours turned out?
  18. Wind Fixer Mod Thing...

    I don't know what you want to call this. Is this what I need for my Mach E to fix the wind noise? Anyone here try it? Anything better that doesn't look terrible out there...