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  1. mcfalljames

    Helped my mother finally get her dream Ford Mustang. (Mach-E)

    I know you're going to get some eye rolls on this but man, I feel your pain. After years and years of tech support duties with my mom on the simplest of things I know exactly where you're coming from. o_O
  2. mcfalljames

    Tutorial: Road Trip Planning with ABRP (

    Thank you for this. I've previously tried playing with ABRP a few times and have left frustrated every time. The primary reason is a problem I have with using it in Chrome...the panel remains blank and about a head scratcher for an interface that's brand new to you! Edge works...
  3. mcfalljames

    Ford Options (or not) @ Livermore Ford, Livermore CA

    We bought ours in Turlock, CA (the stars aligned in June and we grabbed a special order that someone didn't want) and we used Ford Options. The dealer was the one who suggested it, said it was pretty much a no brainer with the $2500 back. They also handled the $1500 point of sale clean air...
  4. mcfalljames


    I love it when a plan thread comes together. 🤣
  5. mcfalljames

    My Impressions of BlueCruise after a 300 mile trip

    Thanks to the OP for the review and additional posts, and to everyone who's chimed in...lots of good info here! Since the discussion seems pretty broad at this point I'm hoping someone can answer a couple of questions I've had for a while but have never come across any posts addressing them...
  6. mcfalljames

    Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    Pretty sure it's 30% of the total cost up to a maximum credit of $1000.