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  1. BlueOval Charge Network Upgrade Available (to BlueOval Electrify America Membership)

    I might be missing it, but what’s the time period on that $50 special offer upgrade? Good for a year? 2 years? Comparing to EA Pass+, which says a discount of “about 25%” but it is actually a hair more in my area. Curious if this Blue Oval upgrade is exactly the same discount as EA Pass+
  2. Can you put tire chains on an MME?

    Given that the directions in the manual exclude any of the Premium or GT trims using chains… I’m thinking of snow socks which are legal in OR when chains are required. Anyone else considering snow socks? I’m disappointed those were not addressed in the manual instructions.
  3. Recall / Stop Sale / Delivery Hold - Mach-E produced from Oct 5 - Nov 18 [Rear Seat Belt Anchor Repair]

    It’s entirely possible as well that the linked Ford website I pointed to doesn’t flag all cars subject to the service campaign. Or maybe as proposed there are some cars impacted some not during the time period. My apologies for saying definitive source… it may not be that at all.
  4. Recall / Stop Sale / Delivery Hold - Mach-E produced from Oct 5 - Nov 18 [Rear Seat Belt Anchor Repair]

    I think I've read nearly every post in this thread, but I don't recall seeing this resource posted: When I run my VIN through it says no campaigns, when I run some VINs of some dealers' inventory, I do see some cars subject to the 21C36 seat belt...
  5. 11/01 Build week gang

    Mine was bumped from 11/1 to 11/15 today
  6. 11/01 Build week gang

    First time poster, long time lurker. GTPE, with BlueCruise and glass roof, Cyber Orange 5/25: Ordered Sept: Received a 10/18 build week, delayed to 10/25 Oct: Delayed to 11/1 build week Oct 25: received first scheduled for production email. Nov 1 build week, hope it becomes reality. Long...