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  1. EELinneman

    MME GTPE: $20k ADM

    I suspect this is how Tesla is doing better in the supply chain issues for chips. Sure, they cost $2K more than a year ago, who cares since we are charging $10K more already. No facts, just gut feel.
  2. EELinneman

    Down for the count :(

    I worked in the past at Tri-State Generation & Transmission. There was a guy with a Nissan Leaf who charged for free at the HQ. He had a bumper sticker that said "This car powered by coal" just to piss off some people. Then there is a friend of mine who came up with "This car powered by...
  3. EELinneman

    Battery life indicator

    Or come spring and warmer range started increasing but it topped out at 300 miles, why can't I get more??? LOL
  4. EELinneman

    Juicebox 40 does not provide power when departure time is set (or remote start is initiated)

    I have the same EVSE as you do. The pre-conditioning and charging control should be managed through the car itself or the Ford Pass app. Where I live, we have a significant surcharge for using power between 4 and 8 PM every day. I programmed the car to avoid charging between 3 and 9 PM just...
  5. EELinneman

    FordPass 3.35.1 Released (iOS)

    For me, it no longer connects via bluetooth to the car. SMH
  6. EELinneman

    Tesla FSD does rolling stops???

    At least in Colorado, that can get you a ticket. I wonder how long until they decide that their cameras are good enough to decide if you can blow through red lights? Tesla 'Full Self-Driving' beta features an 'Assertive' mode with rolling stops (
  7. EELinneman

    Battery losing charge fast

    They must have stopped teaching math. In your first whine you mentioned you have 104 miles left on 55% charge and started with 284. Where does the 100 miles range from an extended range battery come into play? Doing simple back of the envelope math shows that you have 189 miles of range. Did...
  8. EELinneman

    Ford "We've worked out a few bugs" message in FordPass

    Anybody else get the mea culpa message from Ford in their FP messages?
  9. EELinneman

    Taking the Solar Plunge!

    Federal law says you can tell your HOA to shove their approval process where the sun doesn't shine - LOL. Our system was installed in October and fought our shitty local utility for months as they kept changing their rules. They finally installed the net meter on Tuesday. Of course, it snowed...
  10. EELinneman

    2021 Efficiency Report for my Mach-E Standard AWD

    You should be able to get the average temperature and map that on the graph also. I think this will be revealing. I'm north of you also in Colorado and switched to snow tires which immediately wrecked my efficiency, but that is the price that I'm worth paying.
  11. EELinneman

    Horrible mileage GT

    Relax! Global Warming is your friend. In 100 years or so, it will be so toasty that this won't be a problem. At least that is what I've been told!
  12. EELinneman

    Ford Pass down? (1/4 AM)

    And, if these problems continued....somebody else would be having those discussions! This is a ongoing problem at Ford.
  13. EELinneman

    Ford Pass down? (1/4 AM)

    Don't forget that famous Abraham Lincoln quote - Don't believe everything you read on the internet. :cool:
  14. EELinneman

    Ford Pass down? (1/4 AM)

    Car and Trucks Remotes has functional key fobs for a fraction of the Ford price. My experience has been good. If you go that route, make sure that you look at the instructions buried in one of the threads here to program a 3rd key.
  15. EELinneman

    Best mode for snow?

    Whisper mode, 1PD and Traction Control on works well here in Littleton. I played around a bit early Sunday morning in a parking lot with Unbridled and no TC. It's fun, but not something for regular roads.
  16. EELinneman

    Ford Pass down? (1/4 AM)

    Perhaps a hundred people tweeting at or replying with the details of this problem to Farley might get some attention?
  17. EELinneman

    Ford Pass down? (1/4 AM)

    Again, easy to address automatically and economically. This is cloud 101 stuff. I'm still not seeing data even after killing FP and restarting it.
  18. EELinneman

    Ford Pass down? (1/4 AM)

    I spent 4 years running a cloud consulting practice. These types of outages are easy and relatively cheap to avoid from an infrastructure perspective. Ford needs to up their game.