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  1. tuminatr

    GTPE depreciation

    Mach E GT
  2. tuminatr

    GTPE depreciation

    The market is hot right now but I don't think it will change much in six months. Just for kicks I checked with Vroom and my 15k mile premium is worth $52k. I am tempted to sell/ trade and get a GT
  3. tuminatr

    Introducing Canopy, "doorbell camera for you car" seriously Ford bring this to my Mach E

    Looks like Ford and ADT have a new security two-way camera system coming on the new Lightning and some other commercial vehicles. It would be sweet to have on the MME. The whole article and a video is in the link...
  4. tuminatr

    California Route 1 Wheel part #

    Got it that this is an old thread but the part numbers are Wheel LJ8Z1007D at Tasca $829 each Wheel cover LJ8Z1130B at Tasca $113 each Center cap $11 each I had the same thought about range impact but that's too expensive for me.
  5. tuminatr

    I wish my car didn't sound like a forklift when backing up

    If I could use this as my propulsion sound I would, and yes I would leave it on.
  6. tuminatr

    Almost $1000 to renew my MME tags!

    Same in Minnesota where I live, plus I believe there is an EV surcharge because the state is missing out on the money they collect on the gas tax.
  7. tuminatr

    Virginia Rotiform LAS-R 19x8.5 +35 BRAND NEW - Set of 5

    As an FYI someone who wants real good Areo could buy these wheels and add the Rotiform Aerodisk. Link attached
  8. tuminatr

    Arkansas Premium 19’ Wheels and Tires for sale

    as an FYI the wheels will probably fit the Volvo
  9. tuminatr

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    Yes, my car would not update. I was having Bluetooth connectivity issues and sync would lock up all the time
  10. tuminatr

    TSB 21-2310 Various Sync 4 Concerns

    The 1.7.1 is vastley better, after having the dealer do the update my car has no longer been stuck and has received every update since. In fact it got 2.3.0 today
  11. tuminatr

    OTA Power Up 2.3.0 Is out

    I got 2.1.0 on 12-10-2021 the same day I picked up my car from having the windshield, roof recall done and calibration update done. I am an early access member if that makes a difference Car was manufactured in February 2021, delivered in March 2021
  12. tuminatr

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    Probably fixed the purring because it's a Mustang not a Cougar
  13. tuminatr

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    I had the same issue, I showed them the tsb for sync concerns and they upgraded. Now the cor does receive updates. It was recently updated to 2.1.0 OTA TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Various SYNC4 Concerns 21-2310
  14. tuminatr

    Does Preconditioning Really Matter?

    To my understanding 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time, but if someone knows different please correct. I have been preconditioning here in MN because it's been really cold. Last week overnight -19 or so. Without preconditioning it takes a long time for the car to heat up. I...
  15. tuminatr

    Decision Tme - Model 3 Long Range vs MME CR1 AWD Ext Range -

    My car was manufactured in Feb 21, delivered in March. I have had some minor issues but things that affected the early builds. My dealer was able to handle the issues in a quick & professional manner. I am very happy with the car and it now has 15k miles on it. I think going as others have...
  16. tuminatr

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    When I scheduled me I asked what parts are needed? They tell me the gadget for the glass roof gets replaced not reused
  17. tuminatr

    Minnesota 18" Quatrac All Weather tires $200

    Selling a set of Quatrac all-weather tires. I would like to sell locally and would be a great winter setup as that is what I have been using them for. We got 20" of snow a few weeks back and these handled it like a champ. Tires were on a previous vehicle and have 7/32 of tread left or...
  18. tuminatr

    Liquid running noise when staring the car

    Mine does that too usually when it charging.
  19. tuminatr

    The Super Poll - What Software Enhancements Do You Want Most?

    Maybe it's been covered but in 360 camera mode combine the proximity way and camera view to one mode.