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  1. GrumblesTheDog

    Lighted Pony Project (back it!)

    Backed! Pretty stoked to see where this goes. Good luck!
  2. GrumblesTheDog

    SYNC4 -Integrated Google Maps w/EV add ons

    I was about to pipe in too - Android Auto has shown turn-by-turn on my instrument cluster since day 1, and I have a January 2021 build date (ie original software.) What kind of phone do you have? Android version?
  3. GrumblesTheDog

    SOLVED - Ice Slippage / loss of traction wreaks havoc! Error messages keep popping up

    Disconnecting one of the 12V battery terminals for a few minutes seems to be as close as we can get to a reset button on this car. If you pop off the rear beauty panel under the frunk, you should be able to access the negative terminal of the LVB. Good luck.
  4. GrumblesTheDog

    12V and dash cam in sentry mode

    @Mach-Lee had a good post about what these kinds of slow, low draws can do to the 12V and the LVB battery management system: I was also going to hardwire a dashcam to allow sentry mode, but...
  5. GrumblesTheDog

    Someone was in my Mach-E today

    Not to hijack your thread myself, OP, but something very similar happened last night except my car alarm (sorry neighbors) went off. The honking and FordPass alert went off in the middle of the night - when I went out to look, the back door was just slightly ajar but still resting on the...
  6. GrumblesTheDog

    Going to drive-in movie with Mach-E ?

    I can vouch for that too. We've done several drive-in movies with ours, and it's worked great. The 'all cabin lights off' button next to the map lights is a very handy feature. I was actually a little nervous about taking it the first time, since I'd read a C&D article where the author took a...
  7. GrumblesTheDog

    Tires for a better ride, less road noise, or better miles per KWH?

    Do you have a direct side profile photo? Curious if you think the select wheel/larger tire combo looks noticeably 'fatter' or if the visual impact is marginal.
  8. GrumblesTheDog

    Dealer is worried about my fuel filter

    I debated asking my salesperson if he'd throw in free oil changes (har har) to sweeten the deal, but then I realized that would probably end one of two ways: - He might take me seriously and offer them, and I'd have to correct and embarrass him or - He might think *I* don't know anything about...
  9. GrumblesTheDog

    DIY Tutorial for Hardwiring a Dashcam and Radar Detector

    What's the significance of the fuse that's installed on an unused spot? Does that reflect the capacity of the underlying circuit too? I also decided to install a battery (the Thinkware iVolt) but the manual recommends installing into a switched circuit fused for 20A, even though the max current...
  10. GrumblesTheDog

    To wait or not to wait...

    Ditto the above. Also, a car built Dec 2021 will already have many software updates that address a lot of the issues you've seen people post about. Mine was built Jan 2021 and I've had it since March - some minor annoyances but I really love this car.
  11. GrumblesTheDog

    Rudolph the Christmas Stang

    I guffawed out loud at the red nose on the tailgate pony. Very clever!
  12. GrumblesTheDog

    DIY Tutorial for Hardwiring a Dashcam and Radar Detector

    Has anyone with a rear dashcam had the pano roof recall done yet? I just got the Thinkware Q800 Pro and was going to try to run the rear camera line this weekend, but my dealer mentioned having to remove the headliner for the adhesive reapplication. Makes me wonder if that might dislocate...
  13. GrumblesTheDog

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing. Will this show up in the 'Recall' alert on FordPass? Ie will I have something in writing to show the dealer? Also, I saw the RFA is included in this bulletin - isn't that the module updated by the PaaK FSA? So if I haven't had that done yet, would it be included...
  14. GrumblesTheDog

    -35F\-37C Real World Mach-E Range Test. What could go wrong?

    Reading your post made me put on a jacket. Thanks for the very detailed notes!
  15. GrumblesTheDog

    Mirror Tap Instructions for Radar Detector or Dash Cam (Switched 12v) - DIY Writeup

    That's interesting - is that something unique to how you access 12V (ie tapping into an existing circuit in the mirror housing) or would that apply to any form of hardwiring? I don't doubt you, but it seems like you'd hear of more battery issues with dashcam users than you do.
  16. GrumblesTheDog

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    An update - it looks like mine finally updated correctly! I dunno if it was stuck or if I was being impatient, but I got the green checkbox & empty message in FordPass two weeks ago, with no actual 1.7.1 features. Lo and behold, this morning I got another update message in FordPass populated...
  17. GrumblesTheDog

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    I got an OBDII reader and Forscan back when I had some early (probably 12V-related) issues, so for giggles I looked to see if there were any DTCs on the APIM, and indeed there were: U1A00:87-08, U3000:41-08, U0415:94-49 U1A00 is 'Private Communication Network - Missing Message', and U0415 is...
  18. GrumblesTheDog

    OTA 1.7.1 Stuck, anyone else have issue updating?

    Huh - interesting. Thanks for your many updates; this whole process is pretty interesting to watch
  19. GrumblesTheDog

    Not able to unset the heating for the seats

    You may also be surprised how little power a seat heater uses; dunno about the Mach-E specifically but I think the Bolt/Volt for example draw around 50W while operating. To fully drain an 88kWh battery, it would have to run for a little over two months straight.