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  1. Carsinmyblood

    Huge power draw while sleeping

    Ah, but that's IN the EVSE, not just the wire going to the car. This makes sense.
  2. Carsinmyblood

    Huge power draw while sleeping

    I'm sure you meant something like this, because it's literally just a wire between the car and the EVSE. Where are you getting this 8-12%? If this loss is actual, it would be something the engineers would want to solve.
  3. Carsinmyblood

    Fast charging - snow plowing.

    When traveling, bring a shovel.
  4. Carsinmyblood

    Fast charging - snow plowing.

    I just came from our highway supermarket. Thanks to a warm day the parking lot is black, but the cart return chorales are unusable, and it's been 2 days.
  5. Carsinmyblood

    Fast charging - snow plowing.

    We're in the midst of our first winter with our EVs. Has anyone come upon a charging station that hadn't been plowed, poorly plowed, ignored? Some of the chargers I've been to (admittedly only about 10 different locations) would be almost impossible to clear because of the way they were...
  6. Carsinmyblood

    Lighted Pony Project (back it!)

    D'Oh. I haven't watched in a while I guess.
  7. Carsinmyblood

    BP seems about ready to jump in with both feet.

    LONDON, Jan 14 (Reuters) - BP says its fast electric vehicle chargers are on the cusp of becoming more profitable than filling up a petrol car. The milestone will mark a significant moment for BP which wants to shift away from oil and expand operations in power markets and around electric...
  8. Carsinmyblood

    Lighted Pony Project (back it!)

    What does the OEM part cost from Ford? Does it fit the non-GT emblem relief? If Ford's part is affordable and it fits... I can hear Dennis O'Leary saying "I'm out". If you need to make a new part, go for it, but it has to be cheap enough to be an impulse buy.
  9. Carsinmyblood

    Tesla service is ... lacking that special something.

    In the end, buy from a company you trust. Even if they muck it up, you did the best you could to save yourself the trouble. I'd never buy from a company that was so pressed for space that they ran an assembly line in a tent text to the plant. This kind of mind set permeates the entire company...
  10. Carsinmyblood

    Is the Ford Connected Charge Station this Lame?

    I'm a gadget freak, but that's TMI even for me. But, it's a good thing to be able to drill down and see the problems like this. I'm sure there's a warranty. I'd try another. If it's as bad as this one, put them both aside before something bad happens.
  11. Carsinmyblood

    Tesla service is ... lacking that special something.

    I would throw this car through Musk's front door. Three weeks for a missing brake pad.
  12. Carsinmyblood

    Any thought on how should we make the organizer in the lower console area?

    I had a Santa hat down there, and in my wife's MME it holds her purse. Given that the glovebox doesn't lock, a lockable container might be useful, but I doubt it would sell. It;s not very easy to get to. Also, we don't carry keys anymore. Even my doors have print scanners and codes.
  13. Carsinmyblood

    My MME GTPE Can't be fixed after small collision! No structural damage.

    Pretend you're driving a NASCAR race. Every pit stop have someone pick the debris out of there.
  14. Carsinmyblood

    Just ordered my Christmas Present

    Looks like he picked up a silver one.
  15. Carsinmyblood

    Consumer Preference for ICE

    Yea, we had to plan carefully when transecting Indiana last year.
  16. Carsinmyblood

    I wish the MME did this to:

    That's the stupidest article I've read in a long time. I'm NOT a source of water if I carry it in a bucket to your house. I'm a water battery, not a water source. My well pumps it from the source... the ground, and even that.....