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  1. Eraser

    Standard RWD vs Extended Range RWD

    I'm from Sac, and went with the SR RWD as well. I commute about 60 miles per day, so no issues there. For 95% of non-work driving the standard range is fine even in winter months. For the other 5% we have a ICE SUV. I would only consider the EX range if it was my only vehicle or if I had...
  2. Eraser

    BlueOval Charge Network Upgrade Available (to BlueOval Electrify America Membership)

    I'm guessing the minor premium in price is because of Plug & Charge, which you won't get opening an EA account separately. If so, that might be worth the $2 per year for some.
  3. Eraser

    Close to a $2000 annual fuel savings from my Mach-E!

    Savings will depend on many factors. One big factor is your average mi/kWh. My commuting is 95% on the freeway. I'm usually going between 70-80 mph, at those speeds it make a big difference. In the summer months I was getting around 3.3-3.5 mi/kWh, however in the winter that drops down to...
  4. Eraser

    No prompt to enter backup start passcode

    I wonder if this changed. I was able to setup PAAK on a new phone with no FOB from outside the vehicle. My post from 6 months ago explains in more detail. I'll have to try this again to see if this still works. I've had some Power-up updates since then.
  5. Eraser

    Close to a $2000 annual fuel savings from my Mach-E!

    Here is my breakdown based on California. Cost savings would be about double that if I based it on premium gas and a sub 30 MPG rating that I would have actually been getting in an ICE. From a very conservative perspective this is quit promising. Year 2021 Total Miles 10,981 Cost Per...
  6. Eraser

    PAAK unreliable with Pixel 6

    From my experience the issue isn't with AA perse, but its due to wireless AA and Google Maps using the GPS. When leave my phone on the wireless charger it will stop charging after 15-20 minutes, and the phone will be warm to the touch. This is while Google Maps is running, but not actually...
  7. Eraser

    PAAK unreliable with Pixel 6

    As @DevSecOps mentioned, most of the time I have issues opening the door from home with the car being in the garage. I never close FP so most of the time it is connected to my car at all times. I've had the same issue as you as well at times. Sometimes I can press the lock button on the door...
  8. Eraser

    2021 Mach-E won't get 2022 usable Battery Increase

    I was sold on the car for a number of reasons, one of which was being told meaningful software updates would improve the car over time. I'm happy with the car as is, BUT I am taking mental notes on what was said by Ford and what was actually delivered over time. When time time comes to buy...
  9. Eraser

    Rear Ambient Lighting Zone DIY

    Well damn you beat me to it 🤣 .
  10. Eraser

    Rear Ambient Lighting Zone DIY

    Something like this might help. It would sit flush(ish) with the port, then the other end would be pointing down to the floor. Not perfect, but a little better. Right Angle Connector
  11. Eraser

    Elon Musk slams Biden's plan to spend government money on electric vehicles

    I completely agree with Musk regarding government spending, it is completely out of control and wasteful. BUT I also agree that Musk has a dog in the hunt. Now that his company is well established (mostly due to government subsidies) he doesn't want his competition benefitting from the...
  12. Eraser

    Tesla "Autopilot 2.0" Promo Video Edited Out Collision, Had Map Charted Ahead Of Time, New Expose Reveals

    Unfortunately we don't get the evidence showing the crash. Honestly, I thought it looked scary as hell. The drivers hands looked like they were millimeters away from the steering wheel. Regardless it probably doesn't matter, people that are all in in the idea of FSD have already purchased it...
  13. Eraser

    US Federal EV Tax Credit - Things to know

    I agree, this stuff can be confusing (probably by design). I think your best bet is to consult a certified tax preparer when the time comes. It will cost you some money but at least it will be done right, which could save you thousands of dollars, money well spent in my opinion.
  14. Eraser Names Mach-E Its 2021 Family Car of the Year

    I literally read the title and said the same thing "Family Car", WTF!? In my head I equate "Family Car" to Minivan. I use it as a commuter to work as well as all of our weekend driving. No kids, no dog, 1 wife. I guess more than one person could be considered a "family". I'll get over it, I...
  15. Eraser

    FordPass 3.35.2 is out for Android

    I didn't have any issues with 3.35.0 using PaaK nor with my backup code. I updated to 3.35.2 last night and tried PaaK, no issues. Turned off Bluetooth and tried the door and backup code, no issue. Probably just a coincidence, but PaaK actually worked immediately when opening the door on the...
  16. Eraser

    US Federal EV Tax Credit - Things to know

    Technically that is true, they don't just cut you a check for $7,500 tax credit. Long story short, if you've over paid your taxes after factoring in the tax credit they would "cut you a check" for the overage. It could actually be more or less than that amount. If you use Turbo Tax you can...
  17. Eraser

    US Federal EV Tax Credit - Things to know

    I'm not sure where I got the reference to line 16, since I made that post long ago. I've updated that reference to clear up the confusion.
  18. Eraser

    Tax Credit Question (fairly time sensitive)

    I posted a break down that goes over your scenario here. Hopefully that clears things up.
  19. Eraser

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    With that being said, we should have nothing to worry about. Your wife can give you an earful on our behalf ;).
  20. Eraser

    PSA - DO NOT UPDATE to 3.35.0 on Android if using PaaK without a FOB

    I think the faraday bag was simply so the car won't act like you left the FOB inside and walked away (although you actually did). Removing the FOB battery would accomplish the same task with an added step. My only risk in leaving the FOB in the car is if the door code ever fails in addition to...