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  1. Raymondjram

    Does the Left hand know what the Right hand is doing ?

    They will be using Nikola semi's
  2. Raymondjram

    Ford delays Explorer and Aviator EVs to boost Mach-E output to 200k+ per year starting 2022

    I never plan to resell my vehicles as I keep them running for an average of twenty years ( my 1984 Olds Ciera ran for 26 years). Then I give them away. No hassles. By the way, it only cost me $9,000.
  3. Raymondjram

    [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] Breaking news - White House releases plan to build nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers

    There is a national standard: the SAE J-1772. Tesla is a single brand yet they can use an adapter. So can CHAdeMO users.
  4. Raymondjram

    [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] Breaking news - White House releases plan to build nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers

    After buying a $40,000 vehicle, the owner will save thousands per year, over $40,000 in a twenty year lifetime, unless they crash it. The initial cost is well justified. Even a basic Ford F-150 Lightning truck will only need tires, wiper blades, and washer fluid in those same twenty years.
  5. Raymondjram

    Mach E fits all the tools. What have you hauled / carried / fit in your cargo space? ❓❓

    I wonder why Ford did not give the Mach-E the same power outlets feature that the hybrid F-150 has or the F-150 Lightning will offer (it will power a home and charge other EVs*). Maybe if a Ford engineer who reads this forum will have this feature added for the 2023 MY which is when I plan to...
  6. Raymondjram

    Low Washer Fluid!

    Just add a set of rain gutters along the roof edges with collection hoses so the rain water feeds into the washer fluid reservoir by itself. 😇
  7. Raymondjram

    At home charging speed

    If that point gets warm, you may have a small resistance dissipating heat. Check the surfaces of the plug and the outlet. If there is some contaminant such as oxide or sulfide, use a wire brush to polish them. Try a paper nail file inside the outlet contacts. Using an electric contact cleaner...
  8. Raymondjram

    Mach-E in snowy Cascade Mountains!

    I am lucky that I get warm weather every day. Today it is 88.
  9. Raymondjram

    Ford aims to double EV production capacity in 2 years, Farley says

    Make sure it is a plug-in Hybrid so you can continue to save when running on electricity or gasoline. And keeping the gas engine running clean will give you some entertainment ( changing oil and other parts).
  10. Raymondjram

    Edmunds: Mach-E GT vs. Model Y Performance Comparison Review

    Ford will continue to buy cells from SK Innovation which will begin switching their chemistry to Lithium Iron Phosphate
  11. Raymondjram

    Edmunds: Mach-E GT vs. Model Y Performance Comparison Review

    The next chemistry that SK Innovation will use is Lithium Iron Phosphate which does not heat up as fast but drops energy density since each cell only reaches 3.2 VDC when fully charged. So you may get a lighter EV due to less cooling needs but lesser range. What would you prefer...
  12. Raymondjram

    Edmunds: Mach-E GT vs. Model Y Performance Comparison Review

    How about the price? Last night I read that the basic Model Y price increased to $59,000, while a basic Select Mach-E is around $42 ,000. I don't drive around racing other cars, so that 5 second limit is pointless. But the $17,000 differente does make a huge point.
  13. Raymondjram

    Charging on the left - what was Ford thinking?

    I do. My Level 2 EVSE is near my front door because my carport is inches away from my front door.
  14. Raymondjram

    POLL (Revised): What New Features Do You REALLY Want the Most?

    You missed the Mr. Fusion reactor that was promised by 2015 with flying cars.
  15. Raymondjram

    Frunk removal, access to 12 V battery and to under hood fuse box - VIDEO

    Munro was right about all those hoses. My Fusion Hybrid has a gas engine but much fewer hoses up front. Probably because its traction battery in the trunk is air cooled.
  16. Raymondjram

    Old habits are hard to break....

    Get an electric leaf blower next year.
  17. Raymondjram

    Old habits are hard to break....

    Ask for a food purchase discount instead of gasoline. Food is human fuel.
  18. Raymondjram

    Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    The answer depends on what will you do to it. If you just want perfomance, go for the Model Y. For everything else, Including a better daily driver, go for the Mach-E. And the Federal tax credit will apply with the Mach-E only.
  19. Raymondjram

    DIY mudguards for wide tires on Mach-E GT (w/ aftermarket wheels & tires)

    Does Ford offer molded mudgurads for the Mach-E? I bought a set for my Fusion from Ford that comes with the fasteners and instructions.
  20. Raymondjram

    Very slippery when wet. Looking for advice

    Wider track between wheels is better for stability but wider tires are not better. Besides, a wider track is a bigger collision risk when driving in heavy traffic jams. Only car racers want wider tracking. For the layperson driving in traffic, a thinner car width is safer and better but bad for...