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  1. HuntingPudel

    Jacking / Lifting Mach-E

    But does the plan cover replacement of muffler bearings? Headlight fluid? 😈🤪🐩
  2. HuntingPudel

    Approaching Maximum Speed?

    MyKey is such a bad name for that feature. It should be called KidKey or ValetKey. 🤪🤷‍♂️🐩
  3. HuntingPudel

    Battery depletion cliff

    Damn Thor, you are a beast. I mostly drive my GT-PE like grandma on a sunny afternoon. 🤪🐩
  4. HuntingPudel

    Liftgate / fob unlock - issue or by design?

    I often have to press and hold a door open request button in order to open a door. Usually it’s a matter of 3-5 seconds. It doesn’t happen often. 🤷‍♂️🐩
  5. HuntingPudel

    Mach E Accessories

    There are lots of options other than factory for the floor mats. I went with the 3D Maxpider mat set. has a great deal on them. Tuxmats also seem to be really great. 😊🐩
  6. HuntingPudel

    Video of windshield removal

    Do you have video of the pano roof inspection/re-sealing process? I am just curious about the corrosion that is referenced in the recall and how the cleaning and re-sealing process works. 😊🐩
  7. HuntingPudel

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Don’t forget that the serial number is 6 digits. In the case of the MME the first digit is alpha, the remaining 5 are numeric. 🤷‍♂️🐩
  8. HuntingPudel

    Video of windshield removal

    Well, the guy won’t win any videography awards, but it looks like he knows how to do glass. 😊😎🐩
  9. HuntingPudel

    What was your Day 1 Full Charge Range?

    Based on having read the forum a lot before I picked up my car, I ignored the Guess-O-Meter. 🤷‍♂️🐩
  10. HuntingPudel

    Received my Quality Hold Mach-E (9/10/21 build) last week

    Congrats on getting your MME Select. As they say in the Grumpy thread: Pix or it didn't happen. 🤪🐩
  11. HuntingPudel

    What emails did you get from Ford and when?

    I got a confirmation of reservation on the day I reserved. I got radio silence. I got a confirmation of order when dealer accepted my order (10 minutes after I ordered - I only found out that order banks were going to open reading this forum and I ordered one day early). I got radio silence... I...
  12. HuntingPudel

    Winter Bay Area Meet-Up

    Thanks. I have to take him back for radiographs tomorrow. I am hoping they show that the cancer isn't too advanced. That will put me into deep debt, but it's better than the alternative. 😢🐩
  13. HuntingPudel

    What is this red crescent moon supposed to represent?

    A scythe is kind of half a crescent. Maybe… Naw. 🤪🐩
  14. HuntingPudel

    Friend wrecked my Mach-E - Totaled vs Repair? We walked away unharmed

    Sorry this happened. Glad everyone was able to walk away. 😰🐩
  15. HuntingPudel

    Dealers are Ford customers, not you.

    23 MMEs incoming and a priority code of 19 have nothing to do with one another. Think of priority codes as being baskets. Each dealer’s customer order is assigned a priority code by the dealer. Dealers assign codes from 10 through 19, with 10 being the highest priority. There could be one...
  16. HuntingPudel

    Winter Bay Area Meet-Up

    I dropped my dog off with a veterinary oncologist this morning. They went over possible treatment options but still need to run tests and get radiographs (radiography tomorrow). I hate cancer. Crying my eyes out. 🐩
  17. HuntingPudel

    So now we have "Ground Speed" in the dash display?

    I am pretty sure that Ford would not have named their car after an aircraft that was designed and built by a General Motors division. There is a reason the aircraft had an Allison engine in its first few incarnations and it didn’t get the Rolls-Royce designed Merlin until a license could be...
  18. HuntingPudel

    Winter Bay Area Meet-Up

    Well hell. I just got a message from my vet that my dog has large cell lymphoma. Depending on what’s going on with that, I may or may not be able to make the meet-up on Saturday. 😱😭🐩
  19. HuntingPudel

    Got my GT today

    Congrats on the new MME! 😊👍🐩