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  1. KAustin

    Second Guessing my Order

    Meaning I couldn't recollect the exact amounts given I don't live in CA, but it should be part of the equation after further research.
  2. KAustin

    US based Mach Owners can save some money on a ESP

    I think you can purchase it up until you hit 36k miles or three years.
  3. KAustin

    Second Guessing my Order

    Here is one of many threads on the rebate subject.
  4. KAustin

    Second Guessing my Order

    As a reminder, in CA you get something like $10k or $11k in tax credits plus another $1k off at time of purchase.
  5. KAustin

    Early Access Broken?

    Same issue even with the VPN off.
  6. KAustin

    Early Access Broken?

    Tried Edge and Chrome. Both with same issue. I'll try another. Thanks.
  7. KAustin

    Seeing Ponies in the Wild Around the DMV

    @ChasingCoral , Mark is that the dealership you use?
  8. KAustin

    Early Access Broken?

    I constantly get an error when trying to access the website.
  9. KAustin

    Received my Quality Hold Mach-E (9/10/21 build) last week

    Cooled seats are not an option. As usual, the product "specialist" is wrong.
  10. KAustin

    Seeing Ponies in the Wild Around the DMV

    I wouldn't rely on the scheduling in the app. Call the dealer closest to you to see if they have performed the updates and to see when they can get you in. It should only take a few hours. You want to make sure the EV tech is available when you take it in. Post which dealers are closest to you...
  11. KAustin

    Red Stitching on interior of Mach-E

    Just make sure you're not paying for a package that no longer exists.
  12. KAustin

    Removing the Frunk dividers

    You can refer to this thread. Took me 20 min.
  13. KAustin

    Is there a way to precondition the car manually without scheduling it?

    It would be great to say, "Hey Google, ask FordPass to prepare for departure."
  14. KAustin

    First door ding...!?

    Yeah, the quotes I got were between $170 - $300. Wasn't a hard choice and came out great.
  15. KAustin

    OTA Power Up 2.3.0 Is out

    Update came in today for me after a quick trip or this morning. Normally, I'm 10-14 days after the first announcement.
  16. KAustin

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    Mine was very loud before the update. Now I can't even tell its charging. I need to check the app to make sure.
  17. KAustin

    Does Preconditioning Really Matter?

    Thanks for sharing. Helpful!