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  1. DRuth086

    Have you Received OTA 2.3.0?

    Got mine this morning. Changed my vote.
  2. DRuth086

    Rear Hatch Issues

    Mine won't even close! So you've got one up on me there. No matter what action I take, mine just does the three chime tone and stays put.
  3. DRuth086

    Rear Hatch Issues

    I'm not sure that's my problem. As you can see in the video, it only goes up a few inches and he seemed to indicate in the video that it wouldn't allow you to set it that low.
  4. DRuth086

    Rear Hatch Issues

    Unfortunately, this didn't work. When I press the fob twice, it raises to the spot you see. Raising it all the way up and holding that button doesn't do anything and when I press anything to close it (the left button, the right button or the fob) it just does the three chime tone like there is...
  5. DRuth086

    Rear Hatch Issues

    I have not. But I’ll try that tomorrow morning. Thanks for the suggestion. Will report back!
  6. DRuth086

    Rear Hatch Issues

    Everything has been going swimmingly with my Mach-E. Until two days ago when my rear hatch has been acting up. Using the fob to open it, it only opens a few inches. Trying the foot activation, same thing. The internal buttons don’t do any thing other than prompt the three chime error sound. It...
  7. DRuth086

    📱 Scriptable FordPass Widget (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    I began this process and then realized that I was giving a random individual my Ford login and password...which has access to my credit card via the Ford website for payments. Anyone else?
  8. DRuth086

    📈 Mach-E December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 2,349 Sold / 5,405 Produced

    There are four at my local dealership. All selects...guess it's not a popular model in snowy New England.
  9. DRuth086

    FireTV on Ford Models

    I wonder if this means that the Alexa integration seen in some Mach-E screenshots means further features via FireTV? They don't mention the Mach-E, but the screen seems prime for this kind of functionality.
  10. DRuth086

    TSB 21-2307 Water Leak Into Liftgate

    I did take it thinking that the TSB mentioned below would fix it. They acknowledged that my car did need the TSB and did the work but evidently it was not to fix this particular issue. As many have stated maybe this is normal because the water is on the outside of the seal. Just weird. Have...
  11. DRuth086

    Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    Im sure this is covered somewhere…but could someone break down the acronyms that fly around here like the ones above?
  12. DRuth086

    1.7.1 Poll

    Just got 1.7.1 after parking in my driveway from dropping my cat off at the vet. App notified me. Haven’t used the car since the update. Not enrolled in either program. Updated the poll!
  13. DRuth086

    TSB 21-2369 Glass Roof - Wind Noise - Built On Or Before 15-Feb-2021

    Actually the paperwork I got from Ford about the windshield and roof recall specifically states that improperly seated glass can lead to wind noise.
  14. DRuth086

    November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    So they're treating it differently in this new bill? Interesting. I think that that is what they need to do along with direct rebates for people to move the dial to adoption.
  15. DRuth086

    November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    This is good news for some, but ultimately many people aren’t even going to be able to take advantage of the full $7,500 because their tax liability isn’t that high. I’ll be getting far less it seems. It’s unfortunate how many people think the government is just writing them a $7,500 check when...
  16. DRuth086

    TSB 21-2307 Water Leak Into Liftgate

    We used to take our CX-5 (prior vehicle to the Mach-E) to the car wash all the time and never saw any residue or soap inside that very exterior perimeter of the vehicle. Which is what caused some concern. I'm surprised the vehicle would allow so much exterior liquid into the hatch where minor...
  17. DRuth086

    TSB 21-2307 Water Leak Into Liftgate

    I take my Mach-E to the car wash frequently (I know, I know) and I noticed a significant amount of water coming into the back hatch as I would towel dry it. Thanks to the forum for pointing out TSB 21-2307! I took it to be fixed, the dealer (which is less than stellar) followed the directions...