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  1. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    I’m a Premium RWD ER with a build week of 1/3/22 and I’m stuck in limbo as well.
  2. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Yeah, I’m in the 2300 and up range. Car is currently in “being built” status.
  3. Huge power draw while sleeping

    That is correct. However, it’s not all loss due to conversion. Some power from the wall is used during charging to run various electronics and the battery thermal management system.
  4. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Good to know. I’m glad I screen shotted it earlier this month. My dealer has indicated that I have price protection for a) the MY21 to MY22 conversion, and b) because I ordered before December 8th. Sounds like your dealer just needs a little of education on the price protection stuff.
  5. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    Where do you see the price increase? Is it on this page from your account? My window sticker shows the higher price, but this still shows the original price. It is entirely possible that once the car ships, this price changes. Mine has not shipped yet, it is still in production. I seem...
  6. Huge power draw while sleeping

    The EVSE doesn’t do the AC to DC conversion. That happens in the car. All that the EVSE does is tell the car the total amps available to be drawn, and has a set of relays that doesn’t let electricity flow until it is safe to do so and the car commands it. The EVSE is just a smart safety switch.
  7. MME GTPE: $20k ADM

    Most of California doesn’t pay $6 for a gallon of gas unless they are in some out of the way remote place. I paid $4.06 the other day at Costco by where I work. Nearer to home it was $4.40.
  8. Huge power draw while sleeping

    The actual charger is in the car. The charger takes the incoming 120VAC/240VAC from the wall and converts it into the appropriate DC voltage to charge the battery. That transformation has losses. It is somewhere between 88% and 92% efficient. All EVs have this conversion loss. so basically it...
  9. 12/6 Builds - The last of the 21's

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. First amendment is all about the government not punishing you for speech they don’t like.
  10. No updates on 2021 Mach E Orders @Ford

    My car was always going to be a 2022 as of October 1st. It entered the “being built” status on January 4th.
  11. No updates on 2021 Mach E Orders @Ford

    Please define “manufacturing” for us. Is it when body panels start being stamped out? When the frame enters the paint shop? When the modules start being populated in module tracking tool? Job 1 for starting to assemble MY2022 MMEs was January 3rd, 2022, not mid to late November.
  12. Standard RWD vs Extended Range RWD

    I'm also in the Bay Area. I went with Extended Range because I eventually want to be able to take this car on road-trips to Los Angeles. The extra range could be the difference between 1 charging stop and 2 charging stops on my trip. And that could have a major impact on me and my passengers.
  13. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    I'll play: Ordered a 2021 Premium Extended RWD in Rapid Red online on 9/1/21. Converted to a 2022 on 10/1/21 Initial build week of 12/13/21 given on 11/1/21 Updated build week to 1/3/22 on 11/4/21 Build started 1/4/22 Estimated delivery date of 2/22/2022 per the Ford Tracker site. I've...
  14. 3 prong receptacle for our 4 prong plug. Please help!

    The outlet instructions refer to the 32A Ford Mobile Charger EVSE, not the 48A Ford Connected Charging Station EVSE. 60A breaker protecting a 50A outlet is a violation of code.
  15. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    I am doing my best not to go out with her. Especially after the experiences that some of my friends had with her. Just not worth the drama.
  16. 01/03/22 Build Week Chat

    I believe this is called sarcasm. Or a tongue in cheek post.
  17. No Mach-E Production Scheduling This Week (01/10/2022)

    I put in various VINs of actual on-the-lot MMEs at local dealers around me, and none of them had PCM modules listed. I’m not entirely sure how to interpret the BCE data, either, but seeing ~900 listed makes me think my MME was being assembled last week…
  18. No Mach-E Production Scheduling This Week (01/10/2022)

    I’m looking at which shows that Ford had ~149K cumulative sales as of the end of 2021Q3 and a steady ~7.5K worth of sales each quarter last year, which is why I estimated that they would be at 157K...
  19. No Mach-E Production Scheduling This Week (01/10/2022)

    I’m not sure what you mean by a “semantic matter”. The reality is that the plant was not ”idle” last week since I, and other people on this forum, clearly have MMEs that went into production last week. There’s nothing ambiguous about it. We have the various tracker data to prove it, plus...