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  1. X Plan on Lot Cars?

    You would fly/drive over 500 miles to save $750? Guess some peoples time isn’t worth very much.
  2. Hey Ford, here is a suggestion...put a male 110v plug on the charging bay area...

    Here’s a suggestion: install a permanent level 2 EVSE if you live in the frozen tundra so you don’t have to fiddle with the mobile charger. Takes me less than 4 seconds to plug my MME in each night. Fiddling with a 10 or 12 gauge extension cord seems like more of a pain.
  3. Can you see charge windows in FordPass app?

    If I click on the location and then scroll down I see “preferred charge times” with the window I set.
  4. GTPE depreciation

    My personal opinion is that you should never buy a car based on depreciation in 6 months. 3-4 years sure (which is still a crapshoot on a car this new). Like it or not, a brand new EV like this involves more financial risk (part of what the $7500 tax credit is meant to mitigate). I bought it...
  5. Ford charger

    40A is fine according to code, even for a 14-50 outlet. I labeled mine with a label maker under the outlet to say “40A Breaker” and that made the inspector happy. I agree it’s not perfect but it is allowed, and fine if you are using the mobile charger that came w the car.
  6. Is it OK to run the charging cable under the car while charging?

    Fine. Just don’t drive on it.
  7. PaaK made me look like an ass

    FWIW, our $60,000 Audi we got last month only came with one key fob due to “chip shortage”. They also didn’t install the wireless phone charger. We were told we would get a second fob for free eventually….but I’m not holding my breath.
  8. Is the included charger not sufficient?

    If I were you I would just buy a hardwired charger with adjustable power (like a Juicebox or equivalent) and throttle it down to 24A. You could still probably fully charge each night for your daily usage. I did that for my Tesla model 3 and it was more than enough.
  9. Received my Quality Hold Mach-E (9/10/21 build) last week

    At least we have one. My wife’s new Audi Q5 PHEV doesn’t have a sunglass holder. Must be dark all the time in Germany.
  10. Is the included charger not sufficient?

    We just got a PHEV as well as my MME. At first I was going to either A) get an EVSE with two plugs like the Grizzle-E Duo or B) get a second Juicebox that supports load sharing. In the end I opted to just run a second feed to my panel because it ended up looking nicer and I could locate them on...
  11. Received my Quality Hold Mach-E (9/10/21 build) last week

    Omg you are brilliant. Thank you! That worked perfectly.
  12. Received my Quality Hold Mach-E (9/10/21 build) last week

    I agree with your statement about the rear view mirror. I’m not tall and still feel like it doesn’t rotate far enough up.
  13. Battery depletion cliff

    It must be one of those days that ends in Y…
  14. Mach E Accessories

    Ford credited my FordPass account like 4 or 5 days after I picked it up.
  15. Mach E Accessories

    Keep in mind you can use your 22,000 points toward the mats. My dealer told me this so I ended up paying less than $100 for the all weather mats. The points knocked $110 off.
  16. Huge power draw while sleeping

    This is correct. Some DC fast chargers are more efficient than the onboard charger l and may only have 5% or less losses, although it depends on the manufacturer. I know I’ve seen some models claiming greater than 95% conversion efficiency.
  17. Full or Partial PPE/Bumper coverage

    It snowed this weekend so it’s covered in road salt, but I’m going to wash it this afternoon and I’ll try to remember to snap a photo.
  18. Full or Partial PPE/Bumper coverage

    I did the partial front on my rapid red and it looks good. Would have preferred the full front but wasn’t worth the extra $800 or so in my opinion.