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  1. Crashed my Mach-E due to mixing up pedals and broken Auto Hold

    Just an FYI for the future, for the Hold function, it doesn't activate when the vehicle is stationary. You have to FULLY press the brake pedal all the way to the floor to engage it. If you come to a complete stop with the brake only partially down, it won't engage.
  2. SSM 50415: Hands-Free Liftgate Deleted from 2022 Mach-E built on/after Jan 3

    I guess I'm part of the minority that has 0 issues with the hands free tailgate. Works every time and the only reason it would 'inadvertently' open is if you leave the car unlocked and someone or something swipes/runs under it. I pretty much only open my trunk using it. I honestly find the...
  3. Trading in a ‘21 Select for ‘22 Premium, pocketing 2X EV tax credits

    If you were in a state that allowed your trade in value to be deducted from the taxable purchase price of the new car, I'd say 100% go for it. But since you're in DC and its taxed at full price regardless, you really gotta ask if its worth it. Looks like you'd be out about $3.5k in taxes on the...
  4. Frustration with OTA

    Ive never connected my car to Wifi but have got all updates successfully until this most recent one. I've now had 2 "Update not successful" screens. Once when I got back from shopping and another after being overnight in my apartment garage. Not sure why my cars having trouble with this one...
  5. How do i know/find out if front collision assist braking works?

    From my experience, front end collision assist will activate just about any time you're pulling up to a stop behind a car and keep inching forward past about 10 feet behind the car without fully stopping
  6. BlueOval Charge Network Upgrade Available (to BlueOval Electrify America Membership)

    I mean it's not considerably higher. Its $2 more over the course of a year and SLIGHTLY more expensive charge rates than Pass+ members. My issue isn't the $2 a year or $0.01 extra per kWh, its the fact they're advertising this as a "special offer" when it isn't cancellable and costs more than...
  7. BlueOval Charge Network Upgrade Available (to BlueOval Electrify America Membership)

    I wouldn't call that a 'special offer', @Ford Motor Company That's actually $2 a year more than a normal EA+ membership costs and is a tiny bit LESS of a discount. In my area its $0.43/kWh for non-members and $0.31 for Pass+ members. With a 25% discount it's $0.32. Only difference is there's a...
  8. My range is off

    Yes I know that...But can you think of any other reason someone would assume something has 300+ mile range when not a single US advertisement said so?
  9. My range is off

    I know I'm late to the party but the reason OP probably thought 300+ mile range is because in Europe (I know OP profile say theyre in US) that's what the MME with extended battery is rated for. I don't fully understand why Europe and US have such different range estimates but I do know the...
  10. Inconsistent OTA

    Meanwhile I had my first "Update was not successful" for 1.7.0. It says "The vehicle will try again automatically when a new update is pushed to the vehicle". This was 3 days ago and it hasn't tried updating since. Does that mean I don't get 1.7?
  11. Heated Steering Wheel Seems to Fade After Several Minutes?

    Looking at the numbers I think it just feels like it tapers off more because it heats to above body temp and then lowers and holds just below body temp. Just a guess
  12. Date of navigation maps

    No but I can assure you they're out of date and hasn't had any updates since at LEAST June- if not ever
  13. Date of navigation maps

    I've had issues with the maps being out of date since I bought the car. On the day I purchased the car, the "up-to-date maps" were outdated by about 2 years or so. It would try to get me to go down streets that no longer exist or had been changed to 1-ways, it'd skip newer roads built in the...
  14. Why “Pet Mode”?

    The issue with how the motion sensors work now is even if you press the button to turn the sensors off when your car shuts off, it doesn't actually shut them off. Any movement will set off the car alarms and send you a notification on your phone. I've had my dog in the car and was running into...
  15. Close to a $2000 annual fuel savings from my Mach-E!

    I'd need to figure out how much I've spent on charging in total but I'll just use the EA Pass+ price of $0.31/kW- but I switched over from a 2020 Charger Scat Pack. A premium gas guzzler that got a whopping 12-13mpg. Averaged probably $3.5/gal filling up. Comes out to a whopping $0.29/mile in...
  16. DC Fast Chargers besides Electrify America

    The majority of DCFC that aren't EA (in the US at least) are only 50kW. That goes for EVGo and ChargePoint especially. I don't think I've ever seen one of those two above 50kW. My issue with 50kW is really I don't have the time-I already sacrificed time switching from filling a tank to charging...
  17. DC charging

    The dealership might be happy (and you if it gets you your car back faster) if you let them know about The...
  18. DC charging

    There was a TSB a while ago for cars built early 2021 (May and before I believe) but it's pretty specific. Have you happened to see any orange wrench error icons pop up on your speedometer screen? It would have likely happened shortly after having some of these charge fault errors.
  19. Fed up, scheduled test drive of Ionic 5

    Looks like a dealership near me is getting in about 6 Ioniq 5 SEL AWD and a couple base models. I'm personally happy with my MME but the Ioniq 5 was in the running originally before it got delayed. If anyone is interested though, they're in transit to Beaverton Hyundai in Oregon. I would likely...
  20. Blind Spot Assist System malfunction

    Are you overdue for a car wash? In my experience those types of errors are usually from dirty cameras and sensors