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  1. Xlch59

    Mach-e dead again

    The Ford Focus BEV also had LV battery problem. It didn't like my wife's short commute of just 4 miles a day. It was a common topic on the Focus forum. You would think Ford would have figured it out. At least on the Focus the 12 volt battery was easy to get to. Not adding easy charge access to...
  2. Xlch59

    SSM 50415: Hands-Free Liftgate Deleted from 2022 Mach-E built on/after Jan 3

    I believe the >PVB< means it's acoustic glass. They use polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between the two pieces of glass
  3. Xlch59

    Ford financing nightmare?

    As long as you are happy that's all that matters.
  4. Xlch59

    Ford financing nightmare?

    I wish you the best of luck getting your car financed with the option. California has a no cooling off time on the finance part of the contract. Seeing how it's been 12 days the dealership can just string you along until you get the welcome to Ford credit letter. If they redo the deal it would...
  5. Xlch59

    Ford financing nightmare?

    Gap covers the difference between the amount of the loan and amount you insurance pays if the car is totaled. So if you drive off the lot and the car is in an accident you insurance will probably pay MSRP for the car if totaled. You will be responsible for the rest. Your down payment mostly went...
  6. Xlch59

    Ford financing nightmare?

    Gap insurance may be a good idea with size of the ADM and the down payment.
  7. Xlch59


    Ford Credit does have a red carpet lease but you would need to pay close attention to the numbers. I leased a 2017 Focus BEV and they gave me the $7500 taxes credit off the price. That and rebates made it a sign and drive with no money out of pocket deal. If they are offering the same deal and...
  8. Xlch59

    Other ways to open the front trunk

    We have the same exact car and yours was built after mine. I have it on the Ford pass and on the screen. Your PAAK must not be set up right. Even if you don't use it it has to be set up to work on the Ford pass app.
  9. Xlch59

    Upcoming Mach-E Livestream: 1/19 @ 9PM EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds

    It what was advertised as you posted before. For $5000 you get 0.3 sec faster car. No reviews of the performance edition has gotten 3.5 sec 0 to 60 out of the car. The Performance edition was supposed to be comparable to a Tesla YP it's not. I love the car and have posted nice reviews on it. The...
  10. Xlch59

    Upcoming Mach-E Livestream: 1/19 @ 9PM EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds

    Posted time slips show otherwise. The fastest I have seen is 3.6 for both the GT and GTPE
  11. Xlch59

    Upcoming Mach-E Livestream: 1/19 @ 9PM EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds

    The fact that you only get the full stated HP on a GT or GTPE for 5 second should have been in bold print on the order page. Why does the GT and GTPE have the same 0 to 60 mph times. Some how I doubt this will be talked about.
  12. Xlch59

    Mach-E GT PE races vs. Corvette C8

    I think it good they keep pushing the 5 second issue.
  13. Xlch59

    Current State Of Ford Options?

    We bought a 2017 Focus BEV from there and I was not happy with them. The car had 2 miles on it once they found it. It barely made home to Lafayette with the charge they got in it while we did the paperwork. Made me come back the next day because they screwed up the lease. I made loud scene in...
  14. Xlch59

    Front air vents not working?

    I probably drove the car the first hundred miles thinking it doesn't cool very well. Then figure out all the vents where closed...duhh.
  15. Xlch59

    In search of 12-volt battery

    They should have jumped it using the frunk to get to the battery. Mine needed to be jumped to get it on the carrier and jumped to get it off. Battery replaced once it got to the dealership.
  16. Xlch59

    Mach E: Problems

    The two lines above your circle "You vehicle must be plugged in for you departure time setting to work". The car must be plugged in for preconditioning.
  17. Xlch59

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    That's kind of strange because I didn't think SiriusXM started until the car is title. Have you tried Googling your vin to see if been on a dealer lot.
  18. Xlch59

    Advice Needed: 110 plug will not fit in outlet enclosure

    Sorry didn't mean to sound snarky. It actually should be flipped the other way. The ground side goes to the opening on the bubble cover. Use some electrical tape around the extension cord connection to keep any water out.