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  1. Florida Man experiences first LVB issue (I think)

    Car scanner seems to be an Android only app, is there an app for iPhones that people recommend? Also, is it the case that Forscan is actually free, at least for much of the functionality that is needed for the Mach e? From websites it seems that a basic license doesn’t cost anything.
  2. 12v battery problem can have serious consequences

    Actually I think neither of you is correct. Most would typically read a voltage drop that has some relationship to the temperature, depending on the device. This is then converted to a temperature, with the units depending on which scale is chosen. I don't think any temperature scale is really...
  3. Tesmanian storage for trunk

    I keep something similar in the trunk of my Q5 that I really like though I can fit mine lengthwise which they weren’t able to do with the Tesmanian one in the Mach e. I have this one (from Amazon): Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer
  4. Crashed my Mach-E due to mixing up pedals and broken Auto Hold

    I agree. This is a tough crowd and I’m not sure I really understand why some people are giving you such a hard time. I think it’s hard to drive for decades and not inadvertently do something dumb in a car. Stuff happens. And compared to cars from the 70s-90s cars now have more features that can...
  5. SSM 50415: Hands-Free Liftgate Deleted from 2022 Mach-E built on/after Jan 3

    Maybe they’ll bring back this feature, and the acoustic glass, for MY23. Given what’s been going on it would not shock me if my Oct order for a ‘22 gets converted to a ‘23…
  6. Taking a Drivers License Exam in an EV.

    Some of the driving schools around here will provide a car for the road test. That’s what we are doing for our son. I’m guessing we are paying for that but that’s ok.
  7. Thread for people who ordered a 2022 on 10/1 to post adventures

    That was from yesterday when I didn't realize what day it was. But checked today and still bupkis.
  8. Mach-E Winch Recovery Tow Points

    Outstanding. Any way to make it a sticky post? Going to print this out and keep in the car (should it ever arrive…).
  9. Thread for people who ordered a 2022 on 10/1 to post adventures

    Oops, lost track of the days…. Will check tomorrow.
  10. Thread for people who ordered a 2022 on 10/1 to post adventures

    Checked on line account today. Bupkis. Unless you count the $2K MSRP increase…
  11. Upcoming Mach-E Livestream: 1/19 @ 9PM EST – covering feature highlights, how-to and walk-arounds

    I feel like I’m watching an overly peppy 3rd grade teacher. Too many “love it” comments. Would rather see more of an engineering type (male or female) go through this.
  12. More Options help needed ASAP, please!

    Makes sense. At least you have the other options available in the program should you decide to use them down the road. And that's a low interest rate--anything can happen, but it's hard to imagine that you couldn't get a much better rate of return investing the money.
  13. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    Well, looks like I am now in the group showing the increased price. Happened to check my online account today and it's there (2K higher base price), but alas, still no production date.
  14. First Road Trip in Mach-E GT -- Orange County To Vegas

    Nice write up. I've never been to Barstow but for some reason every time I see it mentioned I think of the opening lines from Hunter Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying...
  15. Poll: If you financed with Ford Options did dealer increase the interest rate? Did you know they could?

    Thanks to those who have filled out the poll responses thus far. I’m encouraged to see that vast majority who have used Ford Options didn’t have the dealer tack on a few percentage points to the plan’s interest rate. Hoping that the few cases we heard about are outliers and that it is not a...
  16. Mach-E GT in Cincinnati snow storm - driving experience & feedback

    Is it an issue with the LED headlights since they don’t generate much heat, in contrast to halogens which do? Just wondering if snow ever accumulates enough to dull the headlights and if you ever have to stop to wipe them off.
  17. What is this red crescent moon supposed to represent?

    A good place to view a blood moon?
  18. Poll: If you financed with Ford Options did dealer increase the interest rate? Did you know they could?

    Good point. You're correct that responses 3 and 4 didn't really need to refer to whether or not Options was actually used. Nothing like peer review to make you realize you didn't think of everything. I can't edit the poll itself so edited my thread starter post to address your comment.
  19. Poll: If you financed with Ford Options did dealer increase the interest rate? Did you know they could?

    In the case of Ford Options, our failure to shop around for a lower rate is not really evidence of being clueless since doing so removes some of the advantages of the Ford Options program. And the dealer increasing the Options interest rate is different from the situation in which other rates...