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  1. AlbanyIan

    53% Standard Battery, Only 85 miles?

    The sentence above in bold needs some clarification. Yes, cold air is denser than warmer air but the density “delta” probably does not cause more drag when the car pushes through it. “Drag” kills efficiently at speed and for the most part manufacturers trying to build a car that is efficient at...
  2. AlbanyIan

    Is it Dumb to own Two Mach-E’s

    Long story short: I ordered. White Premium ER AWD back in august, bought a canceled GT in September and the Premium arrived later this week. My wife’s Subaru is apparently got about $15k of equity. Would it be asinine to have two BEVs?
  3. AlbanyIan

    📈 Mach-E December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 2,349 Sold / 5,405 Produced

    Not common, but last summer there were. Few dealers around that had the multiple “Selects” on the lot. And when I got mine, there were two GT’s; both cancelled orders.
  4. AlbanyIan

    Does Preconditioning Really Matter?

    Thanks, this is interesting info. I’ve been running all over and not had time to do much in the way of controlled measurements but this has generated good discussion. Curious about the cost per kWh you used (I also have a ChargePoint). Is $0.07 what you actually pay for a kWh (though it looks...
  5. AlbanyIan

    [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS] Breaking news - White House releases plan to build nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers

    Don’t know. It hasn’t been written yet. How about the interstate system itself? GE built huge infrastructure in Schenectady NY. The city was forced to scale up its municipal infrastructure to support the industry and workers living there. Now GE is largely gone and the city gets a bad wrap...
  6. AlbanyIan

    Still a rare horse

    I’ve seen about four on the road around Albany. I white one and my GB drove within sight of each other most of the way from Saratoga Springs to the capital a few weeks ago. There is a black one down the road from me but agree, still not many around!
  7. AlbanyIan

    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Encountered the first wintery conditions last week and got this after being in the gym.
  8. AlbanyIan

    GT Pony Ornament Lighting Up

    The keys were about 30 feet away and the headlights came on for a while and couldn’t get everything to turn off by locking it or things like that. I had also gotten some notification that a few features wouldn’t be available after the update for a period but I didn’t notice anything missing...
  9. AlbanyIan

    GT Pony Ornament Lighting Up

    I’m looking out the window and the pony grill light has been coming on all evening. Anyone know if this has something to do with an OTA or other behind the scenes thing that might be happening? Or should I reset something. My wife is laughing at me. 😉
  10. AlbanyIan

    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Early Sun and Frost:
  11. AlbanyIan

    Went for the Grabber Blue Mach-E GT!

    The space white has a bit of grey “haze” in it. I saw it at a dealer back in September. Cool color.
  12. AlbanyIan

    Went for the Grabber Blue Mach-E GT!

    Here are some pics that show the color in a couple of settings. I thinks it’s a great color now that I’ve hade the car just under 2 months.
  13. AlbanyIan

    Help me decide: Mach-E or Model Y

    It definitely thinks there’s something back there. I had the brakes activate once but I was also next to a wall in the parking garage. In general, I haven’t found it to be an issue.
  14. AlbanyIan

    Mach-E GT wheels aero cover removal - photos & instructions writeup DIY

    Aesthetically, I think I could go either way but I’m kind of worried about what kind of junk is going to pile up behind the covers in the winter. If there is a suitable center cap, I’d definitely take them off from December through March! Thanks for taking the time to post this info!
  15. AlbanyIan

    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    How tall are you?!? Or are you just holding the camera up high? 😉
  16. AlbanyIan

    GT insurance

    That’s who I have. It showed up as a two-door in their estimate! 🤣
  17. AlbanyIan

    Torklift Eco fits a GT

    That’s them. Great to have in your back yard! My Highlander would accommodate a bike inside with only half the rear seat down and a wheel off. But I usually just put it (them) on the hitch rack anyway. You can definitely fit ONE in the back but not my preference. Good luck!
  18. AlbanyIan

    New GT Delivered Today

    We’re mostly in the 60’s and 70’s now. Not much heat or AC needed. That will definitely change!
  19. AlbanyIan

    Torklift Eco fits a GT

    I’d put air quotes around that 29er. Real mountain bikes have longer wheelbases, bigger tires, wider handlebars and a host of other bits and pieces not on that bike. 😉. The dude in the video said his came from Walmart… I also don’t want the mud and tire tracks on the seat backs. Getting rear...
  20. AlbanyIan

    New GT Delivered Today

    I’m pretty reliably around 3.1 to 3.3 mi/kwhr as calculated by the car. This is mostly on state and local highways and in town. Haven’t done a true “range test”. Also, I haven’t needed the heat much yet but when it’s on, the mileage goes down noticeably. 😢. I noticed the GT rides differently...