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  1. DanHo

    ⚡️ 2022 F-150 Lightning EV pricing revealed, production doubled to 150K/yr, ordering begins 1/6/22

    They have estimates in the presentation that was posted over on the Lightning Forum:
  2. DanHo

    🧭 Mach-E Build & Tracking Links

    It'll get placed on another train which will be delivered to a central "port" somewhere nearby. Trucked to the dealership.
  3. DanHo

    Advice: Preconditioning

    It‘s my wife’s car and we are plugging in every night so that it preconditions the next day. Her departure varies daily and we go in every night to set the departure time. Pain in the ass but helps.
  4. DanHo

    🧭 Mach-E Build & Tracking Links

    It's probably still in transit to KC. Palsapp won't update until it reaches KC. It takes 2-3 weeks to get a vehicle from the plant in Mexico to KC. So it's most likely in transit to KC.
  5. DanHo

    Mach E starts itself

    No experience here so must be:
  6. DanHo

    🧭 Mach-E Build & Tracking Links

    FWIW, I never received anything other tracking info in Palsapp after it was delivered to Argentine. As a matter of fact it still says the same thing as it did on Oct 1. Took from Oct 1 to Oct 18 to get to my dealer in the Seattle area.
  7. DanHo

    Ford not reimbursing “old” owners for a second key fob.

    Yes, she carries it in her purse. I usually have my phone in my front pocket.
  8. DanHo

    Ford not reimbursing “old” owners for a second key fob.

    Both my wife’s and my phone work great with PaaK. Phone locked, in pocket no issues. I have an iPhone XR and the wife has a iPhone 11.
  9. DanHo

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    It's obviously a rhino... duh!
  10. DanHo

    Dealer deposits

    I believe deposits amounts are dealer dependent. They can set what they want the amount to be.
  11. DanHo

    Had to cancel & place new order

    In this situation you're not really sticking it to the dealer. They have an order on the books now that won't have a customer constantly bothering them about it when its been 6 months and no car, they'll be able to sell in a heartbeat, and can add on all the ADM they think they can get. IMO, the...
  12. DanHo

    Some new owner questions / remarks

    I would like this or some sort of customizable button on the screen to program it too. It’s a pain in the ass to go a couple levels deep on the touchscreen to pop open the back when you’re picking someone up at the airport.
  13. DanHo

    Not charging to 80%

    My vote = 0 It's all any way
  14. DanHo

    X-Plan Pricing

    I believe destination and delivery still get charged. You need to add it back in.
  15. DanHo

    Not charging to 80%
  16. DanHo

    Not charging to 80%