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  1. Cost of Charger Installation by Electrician

    Just an idea. But my problem was similar to @hls811 insofar my panel was similarly on the opposite side of the house and garage slab too. My solution was that our double wall ovens are a wall exact opposite the garage and there is a 50A circuit already there. So I had the electrician put in...
  2. Highway passing to top speed video. Fast!

    Just to clarify - if you are driving at hiway speed let’s say 65mph and you need to punch it to 90 or 100 to make a pass, and this is under 5s — do you get the full torque/HP up to 5s of peak power?? so is the 5s limit basically just limited to the time you have the pedal pressed all the way...
  3. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Dunno. But it seems a few others who ordered GTs mid to end November have also gotten build dates. Maybe they are prioritizing the GTs
  4. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Updated my details order number 1140xxx order date: 11/27/21 Build date: 3/14/22 GT Iconic Silver all options
  5. GT Scheduled for production

    My GT too. 3/14/22. Ordered on 11/27
  6. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    My GT Scheduled for production 3/14/22. Ordered on 11/27/21. Got the $2000 tack-on in the new Ford estimate. I have the lower MSRP in dealer confirmation so we will see. But hey at least now I have a production date
  7. Catastrophe After One Week

    This thread is very interesting but I really hope that new ‘22s have this issue resolved as having to worry about a low 12V battery when the huge lithium battery pack has so much extra juice seems like a really stupid problem to not have figured out.
  8. Range and efficiency in easy driving

    I got my first EV a month ago, a RWD ID.4. I have been consistently getting like 3 miles per KWh in cold but not super cold (25F-45F) with normal driving. This includes some hiway but mostly back roads and city driving. Yesterday I drove all the way down to 19% SOC and had 50 miles left on...
  9. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    While it may still take another 3-5 years, the fact is that the antiquated dealer selling model will eventually go away as more and more new car companies do direct to customer sales and used car platforms become dominant. In a way these next few years of supply shortages and booming economy...
  10. 📈 Mach-E December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 2,349 Sold / 5,405 Produced

    What is the total EV sales for ford liftetime eligible for IRS tax credit and what is best guess when they breach 200k limit ? Sept 2022?
  11. Why Can't The Mach-E GT Do This?

    So does the 5s clock start when you press the pedal all the way down? What if you pressed like “ 90% “ and held it there. Would the 5s never kick in? Given the 350Kw = 470hp I suppose you could limit to 320Kw at 90% and not be limited ?!?
  12. Ford Options Deal Structure Estimate

    So basically the real benefit of the options financing plan over a longer term traditional loan is just that you have a lower monthly payment given the smaller amount you are financing. But the residual amount left on the balloon I suppose the question is what will be the value of the car in...
  13. Car & Driver Take on 2021 GT/PE Performance

    While I like the GTPE rims better than the GT, in my region I prefer the all season tires on the regular GT. Also I like the regular GT seats over the PE and as I never really intend to drag race this thing I don’t think the brakes in the PE are really a big selling point for me. So in my...
  14. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I have not been long enough on this dusty trail yet to build up the grumpiness. But give it time and it will come :rolleyes:
  15. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Ordered 11/24 and confirmed 11/29. No news yet but I just joined the MCA to be eligible for the discount so I have to wait 90 days anyhow so patience is at least somewhat compensated by the small discount !
  16. Thread for people who ordered a 2022 on 10/1 to post adventures

    My GT order was confirmed November 27th. So I got in under the wire for the old 2021 price for the 2022 model ;) I was reading they are prioritizing GTs for production? Is that true and what time frame do you think I could hear that its scheduled for production? Still in Q1 2022? Based...