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  1. harrysiii

    Mach-E Aftermarket wheel and tire information and pictures

    The summer rubber and of course the lack of aero covers. My GTPE is DMG. I'm still shopping for wheels. Considering the Savini BM14 but really have trouble deciding between gloss black and double dark tint (or TSW Neptune in semi gloss black - although those bronze look very nice!). I haven't...
  2. harrysiii

    A, Z, X plan discount pricing for Mach-E

    Because they still make money even at invoice. My feeling is they started this practice to help keep x-plan discounts lower, and to also make consumers feel as though they are getting a better deal paying "invoice." Ford wanted it to look like they weren't making money on it.
  3. harrysiii


    Great to hear! Have you tried the reboot of just the screen when that blanks out on you? (Hold volume down and next track buttons on steering wheel). If that works, it's better than having to restart the car!
  4. harrysiii

    Suspension Fault Detected and other issues

    I had mine checked out by the dealer and they didn't find and issue. The tech told me one of two other things need to happen; it either needs to throw an error code for him that something is actually wrong, or the error has to come right back after he clears it. Mine has come back again one...
  5. harrysiii


    Absolutely love it; I also love shades that are very close to black (like Antimatter Blue on the Bronco).
  6. harrysiii

    Ford roadside assistance SUCKS

    Agreed. I've had good luck the two times I've had to use Ford Roadside Assistance for my 12V battery issue.
  7. harrysiii

    GT Range issues

    I really just try to pay attention to the miles-per-kWh meter versus the expected range. I know when I'm driving harder (or faster) in the summer my range drops to between 210-230. If I'm behaving with my driving I can get a MUCH higher miles-per-kWh rating which puts me at or above EPA of 260...
  8. harrysiii

    Suspension Fault Detected and other issues

    I brought mine into service on Monday of this week. They actually found a fault in the system from Saturday, which I never saw come up on the screen. Basically what the tech told me is I have a false positive without a secondary type of issue (alert comes back or actual hardware error). The...
  9. harrysiii

    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    I haven't bought either yet......
  10. harrysiii

    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    I really wish the torklift had a place to attach the wiring harness versus hanging it out of the vehicle. There must be a cleaner way.
  11. harrysiii

    Suspension Fault Detected and other issues

    Mine's in the shop today. My errors haven't come back since the first time it happened, but I wanted to have them check it out and at least have this recorded with them anyway. I'll post updates when I hear back.
  12. harrysiii

    Suspension Fault Detected and other issues

    I started getting this suspension fault error today. Scheduling an appointment with the dealer for early next week to get it checked out.
  13. harrysiii

    GT Performance, CoPilot 360, Glass roof

    Agreed. Doesn't let heat in. I too didn't want it but was required with the package. As a driver, I actually don't even notice it. The passengers love it. Doesn't let light in either like a sunroof does, which I always kept cover because of light and heat loss (in the winter). I am also worried...
  14. harrysiii

    Radar Detector Mounting - trying to come up with a solution.

    Very nice. I bought this one too but can't get the right angle for my Escort. I'm going to try to flip the mount over.
  15. harrysiii

    12 volt battery fault notification

    I just contacted my dealer service department since they still have my Mach-E (since Wednesday). It needs a 12V battery...and they are trying to track one down, telling me they're currently 2-3 MONTHS out!! :eek:😢😭😭
  16. harrysiii

    12 volt battery fault notification

    Here's how they hooked up to tow me: He put the padded straps in to the bottom control arms.
  17. harrysiii

    12 volt battery fault notification

    Yes, I recently got the "Stop Safely Now" message when trying to start my vehicle, and it wouldn't start, once again. The first time, I was able to charge the 12V enough to drive to the dealer. They applied two related module updates. The 2nd time, I had to get it towed and I then also received...
  18. harrysiii

    My ChargePoint Home Flex Installed

    Same. I still use the Ford app for scheduling and the ChargePoint is always on. I'll certainly keep this in mind though if I start seeing issues.
  19. harrysiii

    12v battery - difference between charging and maintaining?

    I asked the rep at the dealer if they notice my battery to be dead too and he quickly said "nope." I'm not confident in that answer since my AGM charger was showing it dead/extremely low. I did not, however, put my multimeter on it to check. I can say that it's been working fine since after they...
  20. harrysiii

    Great Mach-E GT PE Drag Strip Testing - 12 Runs!

    I have done probably about 5 in a row before and had times all over the place (but some were Dragy Invalid due to slope). I didn't know about the bars at the time, so I have no actual good data for this conversation yet. :-P I will certainly pay more attention to that now and will capture better...