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  1. 11/01 Build week gang

    Finally got my dealer to relinquish some information. Car left KC on 1/12! I was able to get the railcar number and found that its about 220 miles away from the distribution terminal in Ayer, MA. Optimistically, my pony should get here this week!
  2. 11/01 Build week gang

    This guy’s got 2 Mach-E’s and I’m still waiting on 1. Looks awesome congratulations!
  3. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Hello Grumps, I’m thinking of joining your clan. According to my dealer, my 5/29 ordered ‘21 MME Premium AWD ExR seems to be abandoned in transit. Shipped on 12/5, it has yet to move out of KC after arriving on 12/15. He says the vehicle is in “repair mode”, likely due to a dead 12V battery. In...
  4. 11/01 Build week gang

    My dealer believes the 12V battery is dead and the car is in “repair mode.” According to him, the logistics company (United road) won’t jump start the batteries on a Mach-e because of the complicated process to open the hood and get access to the battery. His tracking still shows it in KC...
  5. Mexico to MA

    I had the same thing happen on my delivery dates, but yesterday I got punted out a month
  6. 11/01 Build week gang

    Delivery date pushed back to 2/14-2/20. 33 weeks and counting…
  7. Mexico to MA

    Dealer challenged is a nice way to put it lol. I ask my dealer weekly for an update. I appreciate the template. Kind of ridiculous that the consumer needs to educate the dealer on these things. The last update I got was “it has not reached Massachusetts yet“. My delivery timeline on ford’s...
  8. Mexico to MA

    Any way to find other VIN numbers that might be on this train car?
  9. 11/01 Build week gang

    No, I’ve bugged a few people on this forum that have access to the trucking companies tracking tools but my vin status still shows ”Inactive”
  10. 11/01 Build week gang

    Who is still waiting out of this build week for delivery?
  11. 11/01 Build week gang

    Just using the order tracking link. Under “Vehicle Details”
  12. 11/01 Build week gang

    Dealer has no idea where my car is. This guy is constantly making things up though. Still showing 1/21 estimate. ”No update on any vehicles that are inbound for anyone at any dealership since Ford employees left for holiday leave 12/16:
  13. Current State Of Ford Options?

    I was able to get my ford pass activated before my car left Mexico. They put about 17 miles on it from what I could see before it got reset.
  14. 11/01 Build week gang

    Oh look, @Ride_the_lightning got their Mach-E and just laughs at the rest of us still waiting. Must be nice! Just presenting the facts of the tax credit here my friend. As you already stated, buying a car sight unseen is definitely the higher risk issue in this scenario.
  15. 11/01 Build week gang

    If you’re doing this to claim the tax credit, be aware of the rules for the credit. You must have purchased it in or after 2010 and begun driving it in the year in which you claim the credit.”
  16. 11/01 Build week gang

    Anyway to see what the usable battery size is?
  17. 11/01 Build week gang

    My wife picked the Mach E too
  18. 11/01 Build week gang

    Dealer shows I’m still in KC. No movement since 12/16. Also says I’m not part of the stop sale recall.