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  1. astronut325

    Just ordered my what?

    Uh... WHAT? How? What trim did you order and what state are you in?
  2. astronut325

    Almost $1000 to renew my MME tags!

    Thank you. That's a big jump from my Camry's $250. I was expecting it to be higher. Not THAT much higher.
  3. astronut325

    Almost $1000 to renew my MME tags!

    Anyone in Los Angeles have a registration fee to share? Curious what it costs in SoCal.
  4. astronut325

    Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    Uh... I just checked my order for a RWD Premium with extended range battery. Yup, went up by $2000. I thought I had a contract the moment I gave the deposit. I emailed the dealer. This isn't right. I ordered on December 3, days before the price increase.
  5. astronut325

    Why no one bought CA Route-1

    Yes. The mustang logo on the floor. Good to know that all Mach-Es have them. Thank you.
  6. astronut325

    Why no one bought CA Route-1

    Question, are those "pony" lights exclusive to the Route 1 trim?
  7. astronut325

    📈 Mach-E December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 2,349 Sold / 5,405 Produced

    Any news on the production ramp up? If they plan to hit 200K units this calendar year, they would need to start ramp up pretty soon no? They need to average 16-17K produced per month to hit their goal.
  8. astronut325

    Ford login down?

    It's working now. I just tried and I was able to log in successfully and see my order.
  9. astronut325

    Thread for people who ordered a 2022 on 10/1 to post adventures

    Not sure where else to post this. isn't letting me view my order. Heck, it's not letting me log in. This is on 1/4/22 at approximately 10:45AM PST.
  10. astronut325

    Highest efficiency you've seen

    The people getting more than 3.5 miles/KWh, what trim are you folks driving? AWD? Extended range battery?
  11. astronut325

    Is $2000 ADM worth it?

    Yup. It's adding $6,200+ to my Mach E's total in about 7 months. That hurts.
  12. astronut325

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    I just put my order in. Premium RWD with extended range battery. Went with the Grabber Blue color. Now the waiting game begins. It looks like most people are hitting 200-250 days between order and delivery date. This wait is going to be painful.
  13. astronut325

    Mach-E Sales Up 8.4% with Ford Setting New EV Sales Record in November 2021

    Has Ford published the number of orders in the Mach E backlog?
  14. astronut325

    Charging Math, Miles Per Dollar - Is this right?

    Hi, I noticed that you're in SoCal. How are you getting $0.1056/kWh? I'm in SoCal and I pay a minimum of $0.19/kWh. Question for everyone: Is my math correct? Mach E efficiency = 100 miles/34kWh Per mile kWh = 2.94 Commute of 62 miles round trip, total kWh for daily commute = 62/2.94 = 21.088...
  15. astronut325

    Latest 2022 Mach-E Order Guide [Updated Monthly] - U.S. & Canada

    Thank you. I'm curious, any internal changes? Or just more mileage? I was hoping Ford would have made a change or two based on the Sandy Munro breakdown.
  16. astronut325

    Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. I'm going to place an order for a Mach-E premium today or tomorrow (just can't make up my mind on color). Just wanted to chime in that this forum was extremely useful for finding a good dealer. Here is the dealer I will be going with thanks to this thread...