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  1. Friend wrecked my Mach-E - Totaled vs Repair? We walked away unharmed

    1. Glad you are safe. The car did it's thing. 2. There isn't a world in which this isn't totaled.
  2. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    That would be great. I just had a sit down meeting with my dealer. They were confused in general about what to do. They agreed to honor the original MSRP but they said X-Plan would be based off of invoice which would be the higher one now on Ford's website. In the end, this is not an issue that...
  3. Order prior to price increase, increased in price

    Overall, this isn't great. It's it odd to order something and even put down a deposit, but not know how much you will have to pay. That really distorts the free market. My order still shows a $59,990 MSRP but I think it will change. I have no ADM in writing, but not exact price. I also think I...
  4. Completely new to this found a good deal and bought it for my wife how does the Tesla chargers work for the Mach e?

    Well first you have to buy a Tesla: But there are slower destination chargers you can get an adapter for: These are called destination chargers and will charge you Mach-e.
  5. Mach-E GT PE races vs. Corvette C8

    Whenever I see these, this is what I think of: Real World Drag Race Also the first minute of this: Vrroom vroom vroooom vroom vrooooom vroooooooooooom
  6. Our Ongoing Nightmare

    I like the Rivian too, but a few points of caution. 1. It is just today being delivery to non-employees. I'm interested to see how they do over the next 6 months. 2. If you order one now, I think you are looking at mid 2024 on the delivery. Late 2023 at best.
  7. Thread for people who ordered a 2022 on 10/1 to post adventures

    I got an email on 11/4 as well. It said my production date will be 1/17/22. I ordered a Red GT. Not holding my breath, but getting the car sometime in March would be great.
  8. Who has the oldest reservation and no car?

    This is the weird thing. My Order was in placed in October (month ago) and my build date is also January.
  9. November 3rd 2021 Revised Tax incentives for EVs from House of Reps.

    Man, this thread really blew up. Super interesting discussion. I don't like the classification limit (SUV vs. Car) for two reasons. 1. The first is what we are arguing about. How do you decide what is what? Motortrend has wrestled with this for years and now says "If the makers calls it an SUV...
  10. Just hit 9000 miles, paint chips everywhere :(

    I love cars and believe in taking care of my things but... its a car. It's going to get chips through use. It's not a show car. Ford is going to pump out 200k of these a year. I would say that if the chip is deep, you want to fill it so you don't get rust. But this PPF trend is a little over...
  11. No Tax Credit for my loaded GTPE?

    There isn't always a long wait for their vehicles. When they release something new there is and right now there is, but not always. Last summer I was in the market for a Tesla and they called me several times to get me to test drive one and followed up with why I didn't buy one. They had plenty...
  12. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    A Model YP is $62k without any options ticked and it doesn't have a tax credit. Your GTPE has everything at $69k. But I think the "nicer" part still goes to the Mach-e. Something about it just felt so much more lively and spirited to me. Now, that is a very subjective statement, but these...
  13. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    I don't have one, but when I drove the Mach-e I loved it. It felt like more of a car. It had a nicer interior, better range, and felt more polished than a Model Y. There is a trade-off for that weight and finish. It can either be more expensive (it isn't) or be a bit slower (it is). I like that...
  14. Mach-E GT Official Reviews Are Here!

    Embargos are very normal now in the car world. They day the Toyota 86 embargo lifted I had around 8 different youtubers on my feed. You see it with bigger car. This way no one gets the "scoop." In the tech world, it can be bad. Not in the car world.
  15. What is the best way to order? (Oct 2021)

    Hi All, I've been following this forum for a while and would like to order my Mach-e. I'll all set with my X-Plan pin and a dealer that takes X-Plan without any market adjustments. Now my only question is "What is the best way to order?" Do I walk in and place an order with the salesperson? Do...
  16. 2022 Mach-E Price Changes and Orders have officially begun

    No, works for me.
  17. Mach E GT/GTPE Upgrades

    I haven't seen ANYTHING about modding the GT but theoretically it could be done. Modding an electric can be a little questionable. Tesla locks out modded vehicles from the super charger network and they lose their warranty. That is why hardly any of them have ECU changes. I also wouldn't want...
  18. 21 or 22 model year for November 23 build date?

    Using this, I'm going to guess 2021: Hopefully you will get it in 2021 so that makes sense as well.