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  1. Megabueno

    Tailgate Spoiler alert

    I’m thinking this will be somewhat popular.
  2. Megabueno

    Mud Flaps - Thank You UK ;)

  3. Megabueno

    Finally got around installing the aftermarket autolift gate with foot module for CR1

    Took a few attempts but glad I got it now. MME Route 1 W/ Auto Liftgate
  4. Megabueno

    Less is more right?

    Not sure if the grill will stay on BUT the quality is elite (the wrap was top notch as well); the wrap should go around the pony and I notice that lots of pictures don’t show up close and that is KEY for visual effects. I do think the Infiniti blue w/ dark color rims and a bright caliper is a...
  5. Megabueno

    Got my grilled wrap too... not sure

    I’m not sure if I like it but I will say the wrap job was ELITE... check out the close ups of the wrap. I have yet to see close ups and one issues that happens lot is the rough job around the pony if not done correctly!
  6. Megabueno

    California Mach E Route1 Tires

    Anytime interested in 225/60/18 original tires within less than 200 miles? Located in San Diego! I have the original Route 1 rims as well; can include or separate deals. AND tires I am asking $50 per tire! **Price do not include rims**