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  1. Observations from Mach-E Helms Owners Documents

    Out of curiosity, what is the benefit to getting these guides early? I can understand reading it if its leaked, but why spend $45 on it?
  2. Mach-E Hands-Free Active Drive Assist PRICING Announced, OTA Update Available in Q3 2021

    I go running a lot and feel the same way about any of this autonomous driving tech (any carmaker’s version of it). I think people often have terrible sense about what they are doing in their cars and can sadly see many accidents in the future caused by people not realizing their autonomous tech...
  3. any missing buttons

    I’d be happy if it remembered your last setting as to recirc and kept it on instead of always having to turn it on like some cars every time you go for a drive.
  4. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    A Ford insider, @trutolife27 , has said Ford is trying really hard to make as many deliveries in 2020 as possible. Maybe it will come a lot quicker compared with a normal delivery if Ford is putting in this sort of extraordinary effort to get the MME in customers’ hands.
  5. Mach-E Hands-Free Active Drive Assist PRICING Announced, OTA Update Available in Q3 2021

    Out of curiosity, what about your Teslas has been life changing, and why are you considering the MME if you are very happy with your Teslas?
  6. Here you go Polestar 2 massive problems.

    Most recalls are termed ‘voluntary’, but it’s often because the NHTSA has found something and will order it if the vehicle manufacturer doesn’t ‘voluntarily’ do it. See link.
  7. Mach-E Hands-Free Active Drive Assist PRICING Announced, OTA Update Available in Q3 2021

    Nice, this is really cool. What’s the main difference from the free adaptive cruise control that the premiums (or all MMEs?) already get, the ability for the vehicle to steer for itself on mapped highways?
  8. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    Not sure where you are looking at exactly, but I’m seeing my order in the database maintained by Administrator and I definitely have a Premium AWD SR scheduled for 11/23 and am in Los Angeles.
  9. Wait for 2022 Mach-E?

    Improved but not done with based on what people say about the S, 3, X.
  10. Wait for 2022 Mach-E?

    I agree, I wouldn’t anticipate any big changes early on. I will say, maybe at some point they will introduce a model below the Select because even the Select is well-appointed. For example, a trim with cloth seats, without all the driver assistance features. But I don’t think they would do...
  11. Mach E Rattle Issue

    That sound bar is definitely not designed to take abuse from kids throwing food and drinks around, the dog jumping around, etc. Ford definitely went for style over family SUV indestructibility here.
  12. First Look at a Mach-E Window Sticker

    Didn’t realize there were RWD FEs.
  13. Premium Mach-E Scheduled

    Just submitted it, sorry, thought I had done it!
  14. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    I just submitted my order info and am posting as requested.
  15. Mach E Rattle Issue

    I used to think my 2006 Mustang GT had a rattle before I realized it was the wheel lock I had placed in the glove compartment moving around as I drove. 🙃
  16. Am I missing something BIG by not ordering AWD?

    I got the AWD standard range premium mostly because I’ve always wanted to have an AWD car and wanted the faster acceleration. But I agree with others, if you live in the East Bay, you don’t need AWD, and even in the rain, compared to most ICEs, the greater weight over the rear wheels in a BEV...
  17. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Do we know if Ford has even exhausted all of the build slots in any given week (i.e., all the build slots in November and December)? Seems logical that they would go sequentially, and would fill up a build week before going to the next week, but maybe not? For example, maybe they just scheduled...
  18. Thoughts and photos from Providence, RI Mach-E Tour Stop

    Speaking of phone as key, the rep at the Mach E event I went to last week said it wouldn’t be available at launch. Was he wrong, did I misunderstand him, or is this indeed a future feature, if anyone knows? It came up when I found the key fob in the center console and asked the rep if in fact I...
  19. Ford Launches Mach-E U.S. Road Tour [Register Inside]

    Eh, I don’t think so. If you already have an order for one as most forum members do, I don’t think going to one of these events really changes anything. At the end of the day you are going to want to test drive one before pulling the trigger and signing on the dotted line and they haven’t been...