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  1. EPA Certifies Mach-E Range Targets, 300 Miles for Premium Extended Range RWD

    No? Isn't that just good engineering?
  2. Mach-E Financing and RCL Leasing Program Announced

    So what you guys are saying is you are attempting to calculate the same thing using different methods and assumptions and calculators and get different numbers.
  3. Frunk

    And McDonald's spent a ton of money after to convince people that the lady was dumb and it was all her fault that she was burned by coffee that was way too hot
  4. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    The gist of it is that the Explorer was switching power train architectures so the plant kept running making the old model as long as possible so the first time any new models were built on the production tooling was job 1, which is very late in the timeline. What the other launches are doing...
  5. Mach-E Financing and RCL Leasing Program Announced

    But we're soooooo good at that
  6. 2021 Mach-E User Manual Now Available!

    But it also does say vehicle system updates could change the functionality
  7. 2021 Mach-E User Manual Now Available!

    Auto-dimming interior mirrors ✔ Condensation in headlights is to be expected Recommend to set maximum charge to 90% for everyday use Can't shift out of park until the charge cord is removed States "Divided Front Luggage Compartment (if equipped)" Can open the frunk from the touchscreen, keypad...
  8. Shopping for a Home Charger

    Wait what? It has the ability to be plug (40A) or hardwired (48A)??
  9. Shopping for a Home Charger

    I like some of the features of the smart chargers like being able to track electrical usage and cost. And if your gonna get a smart connected charger why not get one that communicates with the car to get the most benefit of it being smart. But then aren't most of the smarts in the car anyways so...
  10. Shopping for a Home Charger

    Gahh I am torn between the Ford connected charger or the 40A juicebox. Or maybe just the 40A Grizzl-E. So undecided
  11. Mach-E Media / Press Drive Reviews Coming Mid-December, Deliveries Starting Dec 21

    Journalists are starting to get into the Mach-E but there is a media embargo on all content until mid-December. [Admin Edit] -- Also, from user @hybrid2bev: Yep, that's my take away from the meeting too. I also liked the comment about how one of the journalists liked the vehicle so much that...
  12. Alpha EV charger

    Why does a charger need speakers and microphone and a camera? Why would you want a multimedia charger?
  13. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Mine did they too, it took a few days but now recognizes it's Mach E
  14. Mach-E Insurance Price Quote. How Is Yours?

    It's true, I read it and learned a ton
  15. No electric heavy-duty truck for now.

    Sadly revenue doesn't equal profit so it's not like there's a vault of money to go jump into or anything
  16. Body Side Moldings?

    Euro Ford's get all the cool gadgets. I wish we could get QuickClear here in the US