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  1. cjljr41

    Ford Mobile Charger / Connected Charge Station Installation Instructions

    It would be nice if they included the dimensions of the Mobile Charger so that I can better plan where on the wall I want the electrical outlet placed.
  2. cjljr41

    Finally got to see one in person today!

    I can't add much (if any) to what has already been posted by others who have already seen the car. My impressions: 1. Awesome build quality. Everything feels like top-quality materials are used. Fit and finish is awesome. 2. The seats are very comfortable like everyone has been saying. 3. Some...
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    I too will be there today to check it out. Very excited to see it after a year of looking at pics and videos!
  4. cjljr41

    Buying a Charger in CT

    Didn’t know Eversource was offering rebates. Thanks.
  5. cjljr41

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    Just checked my order status online and noticed that the "Scheduled for Production" changed from "Week of Jan 4, 2021" to "Week of". Anyone else have similar experience?
  6. cjljr41

    MME sunshade and more!

    Deserves further research when it becomes available.
  7. cjljr41

    Mileage for Extended Range Mach-E Models Revealed in EPA Emissions Certifications

    😵 Too many engineers on this forum! I can't keep up with the explanations, and the math!
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    Yeah, they keep insisting that they didn't get it, so I'm going to bring it up again when it comes time to finalize the order. I have bank statements that show they received it, which I've shown them, but they claim they never got the funds from Ford. Maybe I can get them to give me a $500...
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    I received one of those back in July, three days after placing an order. Never was given an explanation as to why, and I still haven’t gotten my deposit back. I ended up placing another order within minutes of the email.
  10. cjljr41

    Infiniti Blue Mach-E at Filson flagship store Seattle Friday October 23, 2020

    Looks like a Subaru Outback, and yeah, it DOES look a lot smaller than expected!
  11. cjljr41

    Ford battery recall update

    Almost same scenario here. Owned one for 2 months and traded it back in to the dealer.
  12. cjljr41

    Escape/Kuga recall financial mess

    I'm on the waiting list, but I may consider just picking up the non-plug-in Hybrid. It's a little cheaper and it has AWD option.
  13. cjljr41

    US investigates fire reports in Chevy Bolt electric vehicles

    I've had non-CO2 smoke detectors in my garage (hard-wired) for the past 17 years without any issues. It will only activate if I let my motorcycle, or snowblower, idle in the garage for several minutes. My cars face inward, so the exhaust has always gone outside without any alarms. However, I...
  14. cjljr41

    Knowing Your Mustang Mach-E: Driving Experience Modes & One-Pedal Driving

    Curious, do electric cars with one-pedal driving automatically turn on the brake light when slowing down, or does it only initiate when using the brake pedal?
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    Yeah, it would've been funnier over there.
  16. cjljr41

    BREAKING: 2021 Mach-E Mustang Price Reduced on All Models Except GT!

    I too took advantage of the price drops and upgraded to the extended-range battery.
  17. cjljr41

    Now an Electric Escape in the Wings

    My wife has an Escape PHEV on order since the Spring. She wants better fuel economy and the higher tax credit, but has range anxiety and won't commit to a BEV. Maybe my Mach-e will change her mind.
  18. cjljr41

    How many pilots do we have?

    CFII (inactive) here. FAA controller by day.