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  1. News already bashing

    Just had a co-worker text me about the bad MME range...looks like the media is already bashing. Why??? Mach E has Lackluster Range
  2. Fordpass app is so lame

    Sorry, did not know MFM had all those options. I have not studied it yet...but you are saying it has charging stations with how many stalls are open, OTA upgrades, valet mode, schedule mobile service, sentry mode, etc? If it has all that, I agree it should be fine!
  3. Fordpass app is so lame

    Hopefully it has all these features, and is focused on the MME. This is what it will be compared to: Modern EV Mobile App
  4. CNBC Feature: Why Ford is risking the Mustang to take on Tesla

    This has already started: Competition will eat Tesla's Lunch
  5. Fordpass app is so lame

    Ford is a car company, not a tech company (just like GM). We have a Volt and the GM/Onstar apps have been a joke. We just got used to it crashing and stopped using the app. The Volt is a good car with good panel gaps, but the app is junk.
  6. Tesla came within 30 days of bankruptcy

    Back to Ford (why so much Tesla on a Ford site?)....this does not inspire confidence either A forth Ford recall in weeks
  7. Maybe Ford will surprise us!

    I think the EPA range will be out soon...and might be a real surprise. There was some talk recently about a heat pump being kept under wraps. Hopefully we will know soon.
  8. Recall

    Exactly. I don't frequent this forum as much due to all the MME fanboys bashing all other EV's while praising a car that is not even out yet. The recent Telsa recall has a large thread here about how terrible it is, car is junk, company is junk, etc. Then a Ford recall for battery fires is...
  9. New Tesla EPA numbers were posted today.

    The MME may surprise with the bigger battery. Hopefully they can top the chart. EPA Ratings Chart
  10. Is the Mach-e really in the same market as the 3 or the Y?

    It means we are on a Ford MME forum, with all the fanboys (and a few Tesla customers that now strongly dislike Tesla). The MME is better in every way ;) If you want to read the other side of the argument, visit the Tesla forum: Why not buy a MME I actually enjoy reading both, and try to...
  11. Ford Range Increase Coming?

    I am glad the MME will get the rated range in the winter with the heat on....good to know. BTW, does your dad take his ICE car back if he does not get the rated EPA MPG? My dad does not, he understands driving style affects range (aka mileage) ;)
  12. Ford Range Increase Coming?

    Your facts won't matter on this site ;) All the Tesla haters will post some link that shows terrible numbers....all while comparing it to the MME that we don't even have numbers on, or any real world tests. I appreciate your detailed and fact based post though!
  13. Escape/Kuga recall financial mess

    It will all be fine, don't worry...the have billions in cash.
  14. Ford Range Increase Coming?

    Tesla just increased range to over 350 EPA Miles, I bet MME has a nice surprise in store also!! Ford slashed prices to be more competitive, range is the next area they need to surprise to be competative. They need to get the MME out now, each passing month the competition keeps improving...
  15. More MME's to Europe?

    Hopefully the US still a large chunk of MME's. Ford looking for CO2 credits
  16. Ford will be bankrupt in less than 4 years

    Tesla may not even survive! This shows all the competition that is coming: Can Tesla Survive
  17. "Reservations & Orders" no longer shows my order

    Don't let these fools around the OTA code !!
  18. US investigates fire reports in Chevy Bolt electric vehicles

    No panel gaps, but Ford EV fires might be worse. Hope MME does not burst into flames and force a fleet wide recall! Ford Fires
  19. Ford will be bankrupt in less than 4 years

    You mean two EV'S that are not even in customers hands yet? Or the F150 announced in 2017 and now delayed till 2022...2 CEO's ago? 2017 F150 E Announcement
  20. Planning first MachE road trip.

    Has anyone seen these chargers in the wild? My dealer has not installed it yet. Hopefully they are rolling out soon. Ford Supercharger Network