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  1. Lucid Air Sedan traveled over 400 Highway miles on a 110KW battery pack between charges.

    How’d that work out with Teslas? Many celebs were seen with their MSs, but I wouldn’t say that resulted in BEVs catching on fire (wow, one of my all time worst puns ;)).
  2. How's MME's battery compare to Tesla?

    When you plan long trips, you must have alternative charging stops in addition to the planned ones. Starting off with the assumption that every planned charging stop will find fully operational chargers, may burn you badly one day. Although improving, EA’s reputation for reliability is not...
  3. Hyundai reboots Ioniq as an EV brand, starting with Ioniq 5 crossover in fall 2021

    Gorgeous prototypes. If Hyundai prices these anywhere near their typical car prices, it will be a huge winner.
  4. Polestar 2 US price announced

    You’re right! I suppose Scotty could always beam the car up to the service facility & back, saving those 300 miles. ;)
  5. Polestar 2 US price announced

    Sure, ‘not bad’ if you don’t mind having a stranger drive your car up to 300 miles round trip for service. I sure as hell would mind!!
  6. Polestar 2 US price announced

    Despite being assembled in Mexico, I’m sure there are a lot more American parts in the ME than in the 100% Chinese, Polestar 2. So let’s put things in perspective.
  7. Polestar 2 US price announced

    Got it. I never had any doubts. 🙄
  8. Polestar 2 US price announced

    Meh? Meh? Have you seen what’s going on in the entire world? Meh? That’s not Poland’s fault. Good grief, that’s a special form of denial. The fact is the car is assembled with 100% Chinese labor and virtually all Chinese parts.
  9. Polestar 2 US price announced

    For me it was overpriced by $59,990 because it is made from 100% Chinese parts and labor. Nothing against the Chinese people, but everything against the Chinese Communist Govt that has inflicted death & chaos on the entire world. Yes, in some cases like a cellphone, you have no choice but to...
  10. Mach e vs. I-Pace

    And you really believe you won’t have a page much like this, right here, with a car Ford has never attempted before? If so, I’ve gotten a spanking new bridge I can sell ya! 😆
  11. Polestar 2 US price announced

    But much has to do with suspension tuning. My I-Pace doesn't ride like that at all despite you sitting on top of the batteries too as is the case with virtually all BEVs. It's softer than what seems to be described in these P2 reviews.
  12. Polestar 2 US price announced

    Yet he still described the ride as 'firm'. Almost every reviewer has said the same thing. It makes me wonder if the ride is actually 'hard'.
  13. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Which is why I said “almost always” ;)
  14. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Remember free chargers are almost always L2 chargers. So you'll get 20-25 miles/hr. If you don't spend a lot of time in stores, you really aren't going to get much from these.
  15. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Fast chargers are very nice, but only if they work. ;) Also remember that high speed chargers will generally taper their speed off quite quickly as the car tries to protect its battery. Complaints about maintenance of EA chargers have been rampant from inception. I'm not sure how much, if any...
  16. Decided to cancelled Mach E for a Model Y

    Two thoughts come to mind: * First, if you go with a Model Y, don’t buy the car from the location that gave you the car for the test drive. The deplorable state of that car may well be indicative of the quality of work that service center performs. It’s also a bad omen that if they care so...
  17. Mach e vs. I-Pace

    I know as is true with virtually any car company, JLR has bought back some 'lemons'. I've never heard of anyone having repurchased a 'lemon' that was sold as new by JLR. There were also many buybacks on Teslas and there was often much fighting back & forth until most of these cases were settled...
  18. Mach e vs. I-Pace

    I don't think the shorter range is a particularly valid point anymore. Since a few updates, the I-Pace range is quite competitive. Like Al, I've gotten close to 260 on a full charge. In the hotter weather, as is true with all BEVs, the range is less as the AC compressor spends more time working...
  19. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    Remember this is a concept car and we have no idea what will make it into production. Often details in concept cars bear little resemblance to the production vehicle. With that said, that’s a beautifully simplistic interior that puts many EVs to shame..
  20. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    I always found Nissan interior materials to look and feel cheap.