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  1. DaveQ


    From press pics.
  2. DaveQ

    Back window Mach e

    Don't put your windows down! It will increase the drag coefficient, thus decrease the range!!!
  3. DaveQ

    Florida getting build dates now?

    @Jim_I , Let me know when your dealer gets a demo unit. I may come over there to see it if my dealer doesn't come through.
  4. DaveQ

    Florida getting build dates now?

    Many of us reserved at the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020 and confirmed order June/July 2020 timeframe.
  5. DaveQ

    Florida getting build dates now?

    @AFVolt Wow! my build date is 1/18. I wonder if ours will be shipped together. Keep me posted on your status. If you get it early, I'd like to come and see it, for my dealer is not sure he will have a demo anytime soon.
  6. DaveQ

    Wish List Item

    I wish they offered dark headliner. I had black headliner on my Lincoln MKC, loved it. Just noticed in picture that @trutolife27 posted that the light headliner shows through the driver door window. It's somewhat distracting. Hope tinting can cover that up.
  7. DaveQ

    Shopping for a Home Charger

    Nope, just harder to take a hard-wired with you when/if you move.
  8. DaveQ

    BMW iX

    Exactly what I thought.
  9. DaveQ

    Order Scheduled for Production Date

    11/12 - First correspondence with my dealer since confirming order in June. Went to my dealer to inquire about VIN while out doing errands, since I received my build date last week - 01/18/21. His (GM) comments below: "I have 5 Mach-e orders; 100 Bronco orders" "You will get more information...
  10. DaveQ

    Wish List Item

    No door handles!
  11. DaveQ

    Poll: How full do you plan on charging your Mach E on a regular basis?

    85% normally. 100% for occasional trips to Disney or the beach, but not too often.
  12. DaveQ

    Poll as to how many people have owned a battery vehicle before...plug-in hybrids do not count

    This will be my first EV. I told my wife it will be the last dream car I buy! ;)
  13. DaveQ

    Age group poll

    While we are waiting, can @Administrator create a poll thread to capture Mach-e owners age group by 5 or 10 year category? Just curious as about this audience of owners on this website. Is it indicative of the model's global age groups?
  14. DaveQ

    Premium Mach-E Scheduled

    build week date received - 01/18/21
  15. DaveQ

    Florida getting build dates now?

    I hope everyone is getting build dates now.