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  1. 2021 Mach-E Mustang VIN Decoder

    It works for me in Canada.
  2. Mach Drop Build Updates

    From the two VINs I received from my dealer, It doesn't differentiate FEs from Premiums... Also, from the last 6 digits, can we know the build order at the plant? I have A08xxx and A07xxx
  3. Mach Drop Build Updates

    I just received an email from my dealer, with two VIN numbers (cant tell which one is the Premium, and which one is the FE...). Build date is first week of December, and delivery in Qc, Canada mid-January! When I enter those VIN at, it recognize them as Mach-Es! So excited!
  4. 2021 Mach-E X-Plan Pricing Released

    Moreover, who/how can you have access to those savings? First time I see something like this. As a fellow canadian, I am very interested in this :)
  5. Incentives rebate in the province of Quebec

    I have seen on the Qc website : the vehicle must be registered in the applicant's name no later than December 31, 2020.