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    We are also still absolutely hanging on for ours. We only put in our pre order in August so think it's going to be a long wait. Would love them to play with the pricing like they did in the USA as the AWD is out of our budget at the moment :(
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    Definitely agree
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    Has everyone received an email now? Only ordered in Aug so definitely very far down the list, but not yet received an email.
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    The link to the Facebook group is
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    It isn't, I said that above but was told that this information was already known.
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    It is because phone as key is not allowed in UK. I have no idea about regulations in Europe but can see if my contract knows anything.
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    So we spoke to Ford today and found a person who actually knows his stuff. One thing we found out is none of the UK cars will have phone as key function. He emailed us all the specs and we have sent some follow-up questions. Once we have answers I will post them here.
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    Thanks. Slightly worrying that such a big company can't even sort their website! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
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    So I just tried to make my pre-order, standard range space white, but it tells me "sorry no vehicles found for this configuration", does this mean what I want doesn't exist? Any advice?
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    Just been looking at this and I thibk they have priced me out of the market. I only need the Sr rwd, but I also want the technology pack...i can't get it on the car I want; spending £10,000 extra just for it seems madness. Not sure where to go. Been looking at other alternatives and nothing...
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    Thanks so much that will definitely keep me going for starters. I'm sure I will be back with more questions. I have been looking at the page on my phone and can't see the tabs, so will try logging on on my laptop.
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    Hi all, seriously hoping to put a deposit down on a mme rwd sr....but i just don't feel like i have enough information, and now coming on here and reading about technology confused. I kind of thought (hoped) everything would be included because it doesn't give any additional...