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  1. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    A new house roof... and well... in 32 hours.
  2. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    Time will tell.
  3. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    Agreed. While this is still apples & oranges, but this timing is an indication that price wars are potentially coming. I went and checked Fully loaded, five-seat Model Y = $58, 290 (including remaining available federal rebate). My First-Edition MME, $60,300 (not including $7,500...
  4. Tesla Drops Prices... Will Ford?

    A good old fashioned price war, just before reservations convert!
  5. Self-Driving Capability Timeline?

    Argumentative, for the sake of being...? Until I saw the other slightly snarky post about NA plant restart, I hadn't bothered replying... Commenting like that just solidifies the "Ugly Americans" opinion. Hope our paths never cross when you're daydreaming at billboards.
  6. Self-Driving Capability Timeline?

    Concur. Even in Model 3, these features seem fairly crude. I didn't care for the wandering when road markings aren't exactly perfect. The only reason I can see for self-driving is "Get me to the nearest hospital".

    January 6th, after hearing that brochures were available, I went to my dealership (selected at reservation time) and they said there were no brochures, and that more will be known between August and October. Upon leaving, I drove seven miles away, to a different dealership and picked a brochure...

    (Rapid Red) It looks like a Ford.

    Concur. Ford is really dropping the ball with respect to a lack of and underwhelming Mach-E color options.
  10. Polestar 2 US price announced

    I currently own a 2010 Volvo XC60 and have for the past five years. Love it. However, the occasional surprise at service can take your breath away.
  11. Wait for Mach-E or not?

    Please don't mistake me for overlooking safety. Conversely, that current engineering can overcome it all. Driving is mostly physics, and engineering cannot overcome every scenario. There have been multiple fatalities in Tesla Model S... it wasn't their fault. It is possible to get caught up...
  12. Wait for Mach-E or not?

    Just glad Ford is involved in the effort to build ventilators. Right now, THAT and our patience is what matters. Shiny new cars will happen when the time is right. Be safe everyone!
  13. Wait for Mach-E or not?

    [No snarkiness, just how I perceive cars] ROI is never the reason to buy any car, ever. The Bullitt Mustang is such a rare example, and then generally unapproachable to 99.99% of us. That said, most any vehicle since the mid-1960's can comfortably get us from Point A to Point B at highway...
  14. Tesla cutting back

    In due course. I trust Ford and local governments to decide when it’s safe for workforces (around the world) to return. Whether Poland, Mexico, US, or elsewhere - like the vaccine itself, or treatment therapies; getting this vehicle and the global supply chain back into production will take...
  15. Tesla cutting back

    Concur. As far as this relates to MME, Ford manufacturing ventilators is a necessary, wonderful thing. Giving the medical community and all front line workers the supplies they need is first thing. There is no shortage of vehicles... Shiny new cars will get here when the time is right.
  16. Tesla cutting back

    Concur, generally. Politics isn’t the purview here: Not sure what “he” you are referring to, but if it’s Trump... Reopening the country is up to the governors. Trump’s insistence that he has authority... That ship sailed when he told the states to fend for themselves when it came to PPE and...
  17. Tesla cutting back

    People don't always act logically... (that was an implied part of my initial reply). Case in point, Governor Walz' daily coronavirus report yesterday noted a spike in single-vehicle traffic fatalities even though there are significantly fewer vehicles on the road; regardless of...
  18. Tesla cutting back

    Please don’t mistake me for a fool. I realize the timeline, and you’ve clearly ignored the unintended consequences of your suggestion: getting back to normalcy too early without a distributed vaccine: as well as the indiscriminate, lethal impact this virus can have. Then I suggest you consider...
  19. Tesla cutting back

    I’ve already lost a child to cancer and my wife is high-risk for the duration of her life, I don’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. No amount of social distancing theory works in high school buildings with populations above 1,000. Just one example. What you are suggesting automatically puts...