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  1. UK Customers

    Would it be possible for you to expand slightly on what you mean by accepted by a Ford lease for the MME and who you anticipate might call you. Thanks.
  2. UK Customers

    This is exactly the confusion I was anticipating when I suggested recently an ordering roadmap might be good. We get a useless Ford Pass email but no update/confirmation on the order date. The process on the ‘manage order’ page is. A simple ordering open xx/xx and ordering window to maintain...
  3. EPA Certifies Mach-E Range Targets, 300 Miles for Premium Extended Range RWD

    Might be a challenge though driving to the alps with four sets of skis on the euro tow bar rack!😀
  4. UK Customers

    This has certainly been on for a few days. The note about the connected charger partly prompted my recent post about more information/detail on the Ford charger and the installation tie up with Centrica. Other proprietary chargers and the installation process is very well understood. The...
  5. UK Customers

    I’m still here but for a number of reasons hanging by a thread. Covid -19 has made the ability of manufacturers to deliver products extremely difficult. I do not know if this will impact the technical quality of the car but I am sure it has and will impact delivery. The appalling problems new...
  6. Mileage for Extended Range Mach-E Models Revealed in EPA Emissions Certifications

    Etymologically you are absolutely correct. However zoologically speaking it is probably a Pouch.
  7. UK Customers

    Thanks. I have been looking at Anderson as the house is in a conservation area and although bulky and pricy are available in a range of finishes. The other option is a tiny evo type unit (Then untethered) or putting it in the garage with the associated issues of managing car parking or feeding...
  8. UK Customers

    No need to apologise I will take all the help I can get. Regarding the earthing and protection. If I have difficulty in sleeping I watch utube videos by John Ward. They are not everyones cup of tea but I really believe he knows what he is talking about. Stay with it. 38 minutes !! You might...
  9. UK Customers

    Thanks for the grant information. I did understand that the varicharger was able to provide similar charging speed to a EVSE and was therefore a significant improvement over a domestic outlet. I did kind of feel that it was more designed to suit the US market and there electrical systems than...
  10. UK Customers

    That is interesting. Certainly Webasto is a significant German manufacturer and I could imagine being a player for Ford in mainland Europe. They do not have such presence in the UK which maybe why they are referring to the Elvi charger here.
  11. UK Customers

  12. UK Customers

    Excuse me for some vague UK parochial deliberation. I am starting to consider EVSE home charging solutions in anticipation. I would be interested in the view of others. Since the MME reveal Ford have been talking about and promoting in publicity material a Ford home charging solution called...
  13. Video: Navigating through Mach-E SYNC 4A screens, menus, options, features

    I believe that most people would understand the dilemma of informing or potentially antagonising captive customers. Whether it is marketing role or a communications role is up for debate. What is not open for discussion though is the fact that in the confirmation of our order Email Ford said the...
  14. UK Customers

    I think he means that he prefers dealing with a yorker rather than facing swing, and certainly not an off break or googly or wrong-un as they are sometimes known.
  15. UK Customers

    Now that really does make me feel ignored.
  16. UK Customers

    I cannot serously believe that they would not have a pre Booker distribution list and it would not be ‘issue to all’ press send. 15th Jan reservation date no email.
  17. UK Customers

    There clearly is a hierarchy in play here! Some of us must be way down the email pecking order.
  18. Ford Announces RWD WLTP Range Increase, Norwegian Orders Starting September 17th

    I am pleased for you in Norway that you are able now to place actual orders. It would appear Ford Norway were true to their word about the 17th. Would it be possible for you to expand slightly on the order process. How were you notified that orders were open. Was it though the dealer and what...
  19. UK Customers

    I share some of the concerns particularly the lack of any detailed information regarding the specification, performance, charging and driving assistance from Ford over the last few months. I do however have some similar recent experience with the ID3 from Volkswagen. I was an ID3 first edition...
  20. UK Customers

    Disappointing response from Ford e sales following a request for an indicative date for opening of Uk orders. Good Afternoon I hope you are doing well and keeping safe. Orders are looking towards the end of the year with more information coming soon. Kindest Regards Ford Online Sales Team...