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  1. Sport Stripes and other Mach-E accessories now available

    LOL. I ended up getting a seasucker. currently 20% off cybermonday deals on 1/2/3-bike and bar sets.
  2. Order status page - confusing updates

    Using Chrome solves the issue , though due to Javascript, the date displayed will be a Sunday (vs the actual Monday).
  3. Build Date slipped a week. Ugh.

    My build date slipped 4 days... so it may be a slip of less than a week but given your build date it moved to the next week
  4. Today is my build day!

    Well got an update from the vehicle tracking site. Original build date was 11/24; now appears that build date moved to 11/28. and now that it’s been produced, my app now shows some additional functions in vehicle details.
  5. Today is my build day!

    My build date was 11/24. No updates yet on any site (still listed as in production). Snippets from my sticker:
  6. Anticipated first deliveries?

    I wonder with OKTB moving back a week, this would also move back a week, which would then align with a mid-December embargo lift?
  7. CA Clean Fuel Reward started today for extra $1500 off at purchase for EV

    I posted this earlier in the thread- got an email from the GM that they started the process.
  8. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    mine is slated to be built today...
  9. California Clean Fuel Reward

    already being discussed here:
  10. Today is my build day!

    Yeah I was able to pull up my sticker as well. It’s gettin‘ real...
  11. Back up and Starting Sounds

    Mach-E also has assist on reversing so if it detects something it’ll brake as well
  12. Today is my build day!

    Mine is scheduled to be built tomorrow.
  13. 2021 Mach-E User Manual Now Available!

    chain requirements do vary and it depends on the classification of severity of snow. Most times you just have to have them on hand but if it’s dumping you need to have them on.
  14. Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    How are the teams feeling about passing OKTB?
  15. Charging Basics: How to Charge Your Mustang Mach-E Video from Ford

    Aren’t most destination chargers set to something less than 48A/11.5kW anyway?
  16. Why Ford Credit is abandoning Leasing for Mach E

    I have been enlightened by @hybrid2bev and now “get it” as it pertains the Options. Options is a simple balloon loan, so while it looks like a lease, fundamentally it’s just a different type of loan. And given that you should have all the options available to you as a regular loan, such as...
  17. Estimated Three Weeks From Build Week to Delivery Week

    My dealer in NorCal said to expect 6-8 weeks... but that was several weeks ago so things may have changed. I have a build date the week before... hoping NorCal doesn’t add that much additional time, but who knows...